Unique Content - the Key to Article Marketing

Unless you're completely new to having an Internet business, you have probably heard of article marketing. Article marketing is a powerful tool that people like you and I can use to develop successful niche websites. By using article marketing, you can get targeted (interested) visitors to come visit your website.

As I said, article marketing is a powerful tool in the promotion of a website. If properly done, it can be effective in driving targeted traffic to your website, and to build a large number of links back to your website. Article marketing involves creating informative articles to help attract the visitors you need to be successful. While creating articles can seem a little daunting, the results you can achieve will make the time and effort spent more than worthwhile.

Submitting your articles is normally free of charge. Article marketing is not only a great way to promote your website, but it can be free to do, or have a very small cost. Simply submit your articles to article directories to have them included for distribution. The directories will upload your articles for people to see. The search engines will see hundreds if not thousands of banklinks to your site, thus improving your search engine ranking.

There is a viral aspect to article marketing as well. Other websites and blogs, looking for free content to put on their sites, will download your articles, thereby increasing the number of banklinks to your site dramatically.

If your article is well-written and provides good information, you as the author will appear to be an expert in the topic or field that the article is about. This will enhance a visitor's opinion of you and your website, thus increasing the likelihood that they'll sign up for your newsletter or purchase the product or service that you're offering.

Some people are claiming that article marketing isn't as effective as it used to be. A problem arises in that if identical articles appear on a number of websites, the search engines may consider it to be duplicate content. Search engines don't like duplicate content. They tend to ignore and de-list additional copies of the same article. The problem is that no one is exactly sure what constitutes duplicate content. The coding each website uses for templates and scripts on the page that your article appears may be sufficient to cause the search engines to think that each identical copy of your article is in fact sufficiently different.

If an article is considered duplicate, it doesn't mean that it won't provide you with additional visitors. By having a link back to your site on each copy of your article, there is the chance that visitors to the duplicate copies will like your article and click on the link to get more information.

Having said that, being able to provide unique versions of your articles to the various article directories and other websites will help immensely, since it will eliminate the possibility of duplicate content. Again, there is no cut-and-dried definition of what constitutes duplicate content instead of original content. It used to be that a version of an article that was 30% different from other version was considered to be "original" by search engines. However, some people are now saying that the different versions need to be 50% or more.

Services such as Unique Article Wizard and Super Affiliate Toolbox can provide you with thousands of unique articles for free original website content. You can also use their services to help you submit unique and original versions of your articles to article directories and weblogs.

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