Five Tricks to Effective Linkbuilding

The term backlinks quite possibly is one of the most encountered words when it comes to article marketing and search engine optimization. Both website owners and internet marketing experts agree that developing backlinks is important. They enable people to trace back to your site, enhancing page rank and drive traffic to your website. In short, backlinks help make your site known which, in turn, leads to more traffic and greater revenues. As with almost everything that is valued or important, obtaining these links can be difficult. It takes time and perseverance along with a lot of effort. If you want excellent quality backlinks that will last, here are some things to bear in mind.

Pick the right Keywords- the links that you want to create should include the keywords that best reflect the topic of that page or site. They should also be those that garner a decent number of Google searches while not having too much competition. If you use the wrong keyword phrases for your backlinks then you may discover that no one will be searching for them and no one will be discovering your site.

There are two types of backlinks: 'Dofollow' and 'Nofollow'. The 'Nofollow' attribute was developed by Google for sites who provide a backlink, but who don't want to pass on the benefits of that link. If you end up publishing your backlink on a No Follow site then visitors to that site will be able to click to visit yours, but the link won't help in improving your position in the search engine rankings.

Choose only high quality sites to get your links - you mustn't spread your links all over the internet. Rather, you want to make sure that you develop your links on quality sites with high page rankings. Sites that have a "bad reputation" on the search engines are often referred to as "bad neighborhoods". Links from "bad neighborhoods" are worthless for search engine purposes, and may cause Google and the other search engines to penalize your site. Stick with high quality links from high quality websites! High quality links are harder to get, but they are definitely worth the extra time and effort!

Avoid distributing cut-and-paste or spun articles - there are a number of programs and services that will promise you tons of links in a handful of days. They help you create supposedly "unique" articles in minutes then spew these spammy, poorly-written articles throughout the Internet. While it makes the link building process easy, the articles themselves will ensure that no quality site will agree to post them, so you won't get any good links at all. The only sites who will accept them are the "bad neighborhood" sites that you want to avoid.

Make things seem natural - don't make the search engines suspicious of your actions. If you flood the web with similar articles with your backlinks, it won't look natural. The search engines will assume that the links were generated artificially, which is forbidden by Google and the other search engines. When using a service or software to generate backlinks, always choose the "drip feed" option. It'll take longer for the links to appear, but the search engines will consider it to be more natural then creating a tsunami of backlinks in the matter of a day or two. Again, you could end up being penalized if they suspect that the sources of these links are not natural.

Getting good backlinks is not easy. Anything worthwhile will take extra time and effort. Choosing the right keywords is important as is getting links ONLY from high quality, high ranking sites. That's the best policy for making backlinks work for you.

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