What Article Marketing Means For Business

Looking for ways to improve your business? It is possible that marketing is first on your mind. Besides, product awareness can make or break the success of your enterprise. One way to increase awareness is by article marketing. You may think it is part of the Internet revolution, but it actually had its roots early on.

Article marketing in the Press

Article marketing has actually been in existence as long as print media is concerned. Oftentimes businesses use articles as a form of free promotion. Businesses then would create articles and then submit them to the local newspapers and magazines. This arrangement presents wins for both sides since newspapers need to fill a business section with relevant topics while businesses get exposure.

If a supermarket needs to promote a sale, they can write an article about the benefits of shopping for bargains. In the same manner, a hardware store can submit a write-up about new equipment and technologies. These topics are favorable to publishers because they do not appear like blatant advertisements; these articles actually have an informative message that businesses want to get across to readers.

Online Influence

With the evolution of the Internet, the article marketing model was simply carried over online. Businesses would still submit articles to websites as free exposure. Increasingly, though, since business have established their own websites, article marketing have transformed into a formidable way of attracting customers.

Article Directories

Today, instead of heading over to newspapers, business would submit articles to online repositories called article directories. These directories would then make all these topics available to all users. The wealth of content makes article directories to a lot of people that need specific information.

The biggest attraction of article directories is the fact that they are free to both users and content makers. This drastically reduces the cost of article marketing, making it a preference of small businesses and online companies.

Social Networking

With the emergence of the so-called Web 2. 0 generation, article marketing has once again able to adapt. A lot of marketing campaigns today have been enhanced by articles that have been posted on social sites such as Facebook and MySpace. The concept of viral marketing also makes use of articles written solely to pique the interest of the online community.

Many businesses have taken to the creation of their own blogs to get as many readers as possible and because the maintenance and article updates can cost next to zero. Other companies would submit articles to popular bloggers and blog networks to generate web traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

The best use of article marketing is through increasing the page rank of a particular website. It achieves this by adding a link to an article that has been submitted to a directory or posted to a blog. Most search engines rank websites by the number of links that lead back to them. Because of this, the more articles that you submit with a link to your site, the more likely search engines would give the website a higher page rank. When this happens, you'll be able to make it to top searches, if your desired target market looks for information about your niche.

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