Where to Look for Quality Article Writing

By Winson Yeung

The need for good quality articles for websites is obvious, but where to look for such articles sometimes isn't quite so obvious. However just by browsing the Internet you can find a number of companies that can supply you with all the articles you need. Most quality services have excellent writers, but there are writing services companies that merely rewrite articles that they find on other web sites and pass them off to you as new content.

There is a big market for Internet content writers, Internet marketing writers, and bloggers. There are many individuals who have started up marketing or writing services for Internet websites. This is to meet the demands of the ever-growing e-businesses. Every website needs content, whether it is a new website or an older one that needs updating.

A good article must capture the website visitor's attention. It must make the reader want to read on and learn more. The content should be free of errors and should also be easy to read. A good article should be a source of good information, not just an unabashed advertisement for your services and products. The article should be creative and well written, and should be geared towards the average reader.

A good article writing service will be judged by the quality of their product, and their product is determined by the quality of the writers. Therefore, a good article writing service will have screened their writers for their writing skills, creativity, and quality. Some writing services don't have staff writers -- they open their contracts up to freelance writers who bid for the contracts. This provides a lower cost to the writing service, since the freelance writers will often try to underbid their competitors. In some cases, writers from other countries will bid for the contracts and will often be successful, because they are able to bid much lower that writers from the so-called developed countries.

The freelance sites do not screen their writers. There is a profile and often a portfolio for each writer that bids on your job. You can also look through the profiles and choose writers that interest you and interview them. The bidding process can be daunting, as you may get very low bids and very high bids. The bid says nothing about the quality of their work, there is a system on most freelance websites that is based on feedback from other buyers. This is a better gage for the type of quality this writer puts out.

Freelance services are often free to the buyer and the writer has about 10 percent of their earnings deducted. Whichever service meets your needs at a price you can afford is the service that you should go with. You may have more control over content with a freelance writer, but you may have to try one or more to get to the right one. A service may cost a bit more, but the screening process is something that you will not have to do. The choice is yours, both are great options.

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