Tips on Writing a Feature Article

By Winson Yeung

Writing a feature article is quite a bit more difficult then it sounds. Many individuals feel that they have the writing skills necessary to produce a feature article but they do not have the knowledge and experience to construct an article that is of feature quality. The following details some tips that can help you produce a feature article.

Each feature article will be written with a specific subject or field at the center of the article. The more specialized the article the more specific the topic, the more general publications will have articles that cover a wide range of topics that may not be overly complex. Professional journals such as medical publications have very specific guidelines and look for certain types of articles.

Before you even begin to write your article you need to understand what the theme is and what demographic you are writing for. The audience will dictate any specific stylization you may need to use. Niche publications and other professional journals will have a very specific audience but they do not tend to pay as much as them ore general publications.

Now that you have your topic and audience you need to start doing some research. You should read the articles in the journal you are writing for and see what style of writing the journal tends to accept. For example if you are writing an article on alternative energy then you need to be completely up to date on all alternative energy news and information.

Possibly the most important part of your feature article will be the title as the title is what draws the reader further into the article. A great article will spark a reader's curiosity and they will read the entire article. A poor title will mean that your article will rarely be read, even if the content is fantastic. The title should present information on the subject of your article without displaying your opinion or the opinion you are supporting in your article. You should write a few different titles before choosing one to make sure you create the best title for your feature article.

Your writing style will also play a large part in the ability to produce a feature article. Dry and boring styles do not do well for feature articles whereas an engaging style is a lot of fun to read. Even if you do not have an engaging writing style you can still write a feature article by knowing the subject backwards and forwards, having a strong opinion and discuss a topic that is slightly controversial.

When writing a feature article you should try to use many different types of information. Facts are always important but you should include expert's opinion, the general publics opinion, or celebrity ideas. You can shed light on some different angles that many people may not have thought about even if you disagree. Audiences love controversy and you will never go wrong if you add some controversy to your feature article.

You should see about letting your personality come through or develop your own writing personality. To keep your articles fresh you should continue to read and expose yourself to the written word and different styles as much as possible. You should always keep learning and finding ways to improve your writing skills. You can easily do this by joining a forum and discussions with other writers and intellectuals.

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