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What distinguishes a good content writer from a poor content writer? Simple. Content. If you write good content then you are successful. If you write poor content, then, chances are, nobody would like to read your writings. In fact, for all the sophistication of the mass media and the technological savvy of cyberspace, it all boils down to one thing. Good content. This is the power of the written word. If you want to have a successful website and great sales, then you must have good content. You might have a website full of games, full of videos, graphics, and animations but without good content, your number of visitors may not necessarily convert to profit and sales.

The internet is marketplace of ideas. Just like in any marketplace, people wouldnt buy from you if they see that what you sell is really old. They may be able to see you selling everyday but they just pass by and get to by from others. So actually, you might have so many visitors to your site but visitors does not translate into direct sales. Why? Your content writer is not writing fresh content. Your website content is old and worn out. You might have thousands of visitors everyday because you have good SEO experts working on your site, but most of your visitors bounce of and gets to leave your site immediately. Content writers should know that they should always offer the readers fresh content. Content is just like food. You would like to eat food while its hot and fresh. Your content should stand out and sizzle in its freshness. Then, your visitors are likely to stay longer because you are offering them something that is mouth watering.

Content writers should know that they have to make articles attractive so that eventually people would gravitate to your site. In real life, your may have a very beautiful palace inside but when it looks old and dilapidated on the outside, nobody would ever come in. The secret of any article that content writers should know is that the title should be interesting and alluring. The title is the door to the palace. Nobody would like to enter an ugly door and most likely people would not believe that there is a palace inside because the door is ugly. Writing a good title is like making your door attractive. Content writers should be sensitive in making a title because this creates the big impression for good or for bad.

After the title comes the main content of an article. The body of the article is where the essence of the article lies. It is actually better to have a good article with a poor title than a good title with a poor article. Content writers should look at it this way. If you have a good title but poor content, its like entering into a beautiful door when there is nothing inside. If you have a poor title but a good article, then its like entering an ugly door into a beautiful palace inside. Take note all you content writers!

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