Cheap Article Writers: The New Breed of Writer

By Winson Yeung

Educated and skilled article writers are becoming a rare breed in some areas of the writing market. The worry is that this will spread to other areas of the writing market. "Cheap article writers wanted" is an ad that you see all too often anymore on the Internet.

There are great writers and there are good writers. In the freelance world they are looked at as fairly equal, and are paid as such. Indeed in the world of the Internet and new websites popping up every day, article writers are in high demand, for a cheap price.

People will work for this rate because they have to compete for jobs with people who can afford to live off of these low wages. People from low economy countries who can live on a few dollars a day will take all the cheap article writing jobs that they can get. When you live in an industrialized nation where the economy is so expensive to live, it is not a fair wage.

It has been said that you get what you pay for, but in the world of Internet article writing this is not always so. Many very educated and talented writers work for pennies just so that they can compete with other writers that can afford to work for that type of pay. Many writers are from high poverty countries who can afford to get paid only 5-10 dollars a day. This is not a feasible pay rate for writers in the United States or Canada.

How can professional writers compete in that type of market? A few bucks for one well researched and written article of 500 words is not much. How many articles a day would you have to do in order to make a living? Would the quality be what you would like it to be? The answer is probably not. Rushed work usually is not of the best quality.

You have college educated writers that do Internet article writing on the side to supplement their income from whatever job that they may currently have. Some do it for the love of writing, others because they have no other outlet for this talent. Quality and skill should be paid for no matter the forum.

You would not find a doctor who would drop their pay rate to do surgery. Granted writing is not surgery, but the skills that a writer has are learned in college just like the surgeon. I would not want to pay a doctor based on quality of work, who would want a low quality doctor? Nobody would use one. Writers are however expendable in today's world.

People should be paid according to skill set, talent, education, as well as other aspects according to their specific occupation. Good writers should be paid for good writing. Educated writers should be paid for their education. The scary thing for writers is how fast that the freelance writer is invading other writing markets. The low pay is something that many are looking at while quality is expected; it is not strictly monitored especially in the website writing market.

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