How To Make Article Writing Work For Your Business

At this point, you probably know the possible impact that article writing can do your business. Aside from inviting potential customers to your site, articles can improve the credibility of your business. This makes article writing a worthy addition to your marketing efforts. But how can a business use it to their advantage? Read the following to find out.

1. Know who your audience is. This is easy enough considering that your business must have made some sort of study as to who your customers will be. All you have to do then is to refine this to include online users. By properly identifying which of the millions logged in are your potential clients, you can properly focus your resources and articles to them.

2. Maintain your creativity. There are a lot of topics that you can write about that is related to your business. The trick is to be as specific as possible and not to generalize. For example, if you are in the business of food processing, you can write about forms of food preparation or a single food product.

3. Keep the articles short. Just like TV viewers, online users have an attention span. Oftentimes because of the current lifestyle and the myriad of information available, a lot of them cannot stand reading long-winded articles. It is best to trim articles. The ideal word count would be 300 to 500. It does not mean you will sacrifice a lot of details, though. Just try to use simpler terms, so they can easily grasp what you want to say.

4. Don't advertise. You may think that this is contrary to what article writing is all about. But remember attention span. A lot of people start moving away from an article once they get a hint that you want to promote or sell something. Keep the article informative, and you will be able to build a more solid relationship with future customers.

5. Arrange your content. Still related to attention spans, it is best to pile your content in a manner that readers will get out a lot of information even if they do not finish reading the article. One of the best techniques is the inverted pyramid. This way, the most important details are revealed in the first parts of the article and smaller and supporting details are placed in the succeeding paragraphs.

6. Don't forget your link. This is after all a marketing campaign. It would be a total waste of time if you submitted an article without a link to your site. After reading your article, users should have a clear way of reaching your business to find out more.

7. Focus on the landing page. The articles serve as invitations for users to visit your site. The most important thing would be your landing page, or the link attached to the article. It doesn't have to be the homepage. Instead, it must be a page that would tell your potential customers more about the benefits of your business to them.

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