Learn to Recognize the Signals that a Guy Likes You

By Samantha Sanderson

If a guy likes to make you laugh and keeps you talking for the sake of talking, you can be pretty certain you are picking up signals that the guy likes you. Men are strange creatures at the best of times; they will often say the silliest things or even jokingly talk dirty to catch your attention. If a guy finds you attractive the signals come thick and fast.

They will tend to stare at you, even if they have no idea who you are. This is generally from a distance in the hopes that you will notice them. Generally if you look his way, he will stop staring at you and he will more than likely look away. A guy who likes you will also ask for things they don't need. That is because they want to get your attention, and they will find any excuse to make small talk.

If you start receiving calls from a guy a few times a day and he doesn't have much to say, he just calls to say hi, he likes you. This generally means he is trying to make and keep in contact with you. He probably doesn't want it to be telephonic either, and is hoping that something more will come out of these brief conversations.

A guy likes you if he consistently bumps into you as an excuse for contact. Calls you a sweet little nickname and teases you. Gets touchy with you and encourages you to speak while he hangs on every word, as if you were the most interesting person in the world. It is sure sign when you make eye contact and his pupils dilate.

There are a million and one signals you can read when a guy likes you. It is just up to you to be able to recognize these. Watch out when he plays with your hair, or shows a little jealousy of other men, follows you wherever you go, even to the extent of waiting outside the bathroom for you. You can be sure that these signs indicate something special is happening.

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