Best Ways to Attract Men

By Samantha Sanderson

Study the fine art of attraction: The desires of the opposite sex is a subject that requires extensive research. Once the desires of a man are correctly identified you will know what will attract him. Be subtle in your approach as men feel intimidated and instantly turned off by the bulldozing and indiscretion. Men are born to be the hunters and woman the hunted-keep it that way and a man will feel much more wanted and attracted with a woman answering his call discreetly.

Without chemistry it's useless: There should be a spark between the both of you the first time you meet. Chemistry cannot be imitated or created. If its not there, its not there. You are just wasting your time if you think that a man can grow attracted to you. Use the common sense God has given you and don't let your heart control your head. The heart ache will be much more if you realise a couple of months or years into the relationship that his heart was never totally in the affair due to a lack of attraction. Attraction is a fantastically strong basis to start something beautiful on.

Confidence is key: Confidence is something that is radiant and fresh, a wonderful character trait that men adore. You should know what you want and where you are going. Men feel more attracted to woman who have a plan and vision for their life. Note -- a realistic plan and vision. Nothing is as great a turn off to men as a woman with her head in the clouds. In today's fast paced world there is just no time to colour in her air castles. Caution should however be exercised to avoid over confidence as this will send a man running faster than the speed of sound. Everything in moderation and balance.

Want him to want you: Men are instantly attracted to attractive, well groomed and dressed woman. Just being seen with her strokes his ego and makes him swell with pride.

Away with the comfy's: Throw away those comfortable sweat-cloth pants and grandma underwear with the holes. Buy something special to wear you know he will like. Your effort will not go unnoticed-that's a guarantee!

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