Do You Have These 8 Types of Backlinks Yet?

By Daniel McGonagle

There are so many different types of backlinks. Don't you wish you knew which works best? This article discusses 8 ways to get backlinks. It also discusses which types of links are most valuable.

Two Way Links are still valuable. That means reciprocal links are still useful but not as strong as some others. These are 2-way links whereby webmasters agree to link to each other. Because they are so easy to get, they are less effective than other types of backlinks but they're not "dead" like so many people claim.

Social bookmarking links are a great way to get a new post or page indexed but have low value otherwise. If you want to rank well for highly competitive terms you need more than social bookmarks. I mean how many boxes of Girl Scout cookies can you sell to your friends? If you look at Cpanel for your website and look at AWSTATS you'll see that social bookmarking links are in a special category separate from other types of links. Hint. Do more than just be social.

One-way links are more powerful links. However, do not stop at only getting incoming links. Keep your outgoing links and incoming links in balance or it will be an unnatural flow of traffic at your site. Most of the time though this is not a problem because affiliate marketers are out-linking to affiliate programs anyways.

Your blog commenting helps build your recognition and credibility in your field but blog commenting takes more time to do than you get in return in terms of income. Just be aware of its effect on your time management. Blog commenting for backlinks is a very popular method of getting backlinks because it is free and pertinent and you get exposure. However, these types of links aren't very valuable especially on blogs with the NoFollow attribute set.

Three way links or 3 way links are a hybrid of reciprocal links and 1 way links. Most 3 way link building services will require that you link out to other sites in order to get links to, non-reciprocally, by other sites in the 3 way linkbuilding service's network. If the network is full of quality sites, then there is some decent value to this automated link building but in most cases, you will lose all your links if you cancel your membership to those types of services. These types of services are usually only good for getting links to low-competition keywords, key-phrases, and niche topics, however, you can add about 50 sites to these networks and get backlinks to all your sites automatically with 3 way links services and this is a pretty good deal for webmasters with a portfolio of mini-sites for low competition terms.

Footer links are links at the bottom of sites that link to other sites. Many SEO bloggers claim that these types of links are ineffective and they are 100% wrong! Nowadays, footer links are most often seen at the bottom of blogs with links to the site that made the free WordPress theme, if the webmaster was using a free WordPress theme and many of those WordPress theme sites attain high Page Rank in very little time. And the same holds true for the sites where WordPress plugins are downloaded, and there is one marketer who has his footer links in all of the Master Resell Rights Websites he sells and all of those sites and sales pages that people are putting up are linking to his main site, which is page 2 for the term "make money online". Suffice to say that footer links do work well if there are a lot of people using the themes, plugins and leaving links intact into the footer sections of the Master Resell Rights website packages.

Paid links are links that you pay for in order to get some high Page Rank and relevant links back to your site for your chosen keywords. I think that this an extreme waste of money because they're usually expensive. Not only that, they are not permanent either because you only have those backlinks as long as you're paying the monthly fee for those links. You're better off paying less of a monthly fee for a linkbuilding service that delivers quality, permanent one way links in quantity.

Daniel McGonagle is a pro at reviewing Link building services that really work and which ones are going to work best for your website portfolio and online business models. His free linkbuilding guide and tips are guaranteed to help you develop an effective linkbuilding campaign to help your website and business

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