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What is "biathlon"? The word can be broken down into two parts: "bi", which means two, and "athlon", a common suffix for sporting competitions. Put together, biathlon means a sporting event composed of two disciplines.

These disciplines are usually not related. For example, you can combine running and swimming. Summer biathlons are rifle shooting and cross- country running. You can also have biking or swimming. You can definitely come up with two sporting styles and combine them all together to produce your own biathlon event. However, if you like to compete professionally and officially, you may want to practice yourself for the winter biathlon, which is characterized by rifle shooting and cross-country skiing.

How Is It Played?

As mentioned, there are two known disciplines that are merged together in a biathlon. However, one of them will serve as intermediaries, which mean they are played in the middle of the main game. This is done to add more challenge into the game itself.

When it comes to winter biathlon the main race is cross-country skiing. This is similar to Nordic skiing, where the player has to travel to different types of snow-covered terrains using a pair of skis and poles. He or she also has to wear protection against the cold and injuries; however, other than these, no other materials can be utilized.

Cross-country skiing has a distance of around 12 miles or 20 kilometers. However, it could be reduced to 15 kilometers if the race is meant for women. The distance that has to be covered would have to be divided into five laps, each gap filled with rifle shooting events.

The Main Rules of the Sport

The general objective of the game is to reach the finish line first. Nevertheless, even if you do, you may still end up losing if you don't know or don't follow the rules of the game. In biathlon, you have to perform at least two shooting rounds. Half of them should be performed in a standing position, the other half in prone. Usually, it's going to be alternate. This means you'll travel the first distance, shoot in standing position, cover the second lap, shoot in prone, and so on and so forth until you can reach your final destination.

When it comes to shooting, your goal must be able to hit five of the targets. To accomplish that, you have to use a portable bore rifle, which is less than 8 pounds. You will also be given your own ammunition, usually in magazines, which you can carry on your back.

The targets are positioned at least 160 feet or 50 meters away from you. They are round, with different colors on both sides. This is because when you hit them perfectly, they would flip over, revealing another shade. This makes it easier for you, the judges, and the spectators to know if you hit the target or not.

Every time you're going to miss a target, you will be given a penalty. It may vary from one competition to another. Some would add an additional minute into your time, while others would compel you to go on a penalty loop, which may lengthen the time you spend on the competition.

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