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By Ahmad Hassam

The best method to generate free traffic is to get your website ranked high on the SERP of major search engines, Google, Yahoo and MSN. How do you do that?

By building quality one way backlinks to your website, you can get your site ranked high on the major search engine like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are many ways to build quality backlinks to your webpages.

There are many link exchanges that can be used to build reciprocal links. Dont use them. Try to avoid them. Reciprocal links dont have much value with Google. Only one way backlinks count with Google.

Some webmasters try to use software that can bookmark their webpages on the social bookmarking sites like propeller, spurl, mixx, digg etc. These social bookmarking sites have high Page Rank (PR) of 6, 7 and 8. So these backlinks may have some value with the search engines.

The only problem with these bookmarking backlinks is that it falls into the area of black hat SEO. A dangerous area, try to avoid it. Your site may get banned on Google and other search engines if it is sandboxed.

The best method is to write articles. Article marketing has been the consistent and time tested method used by SEO experts to build one way quality back links to your site.

When you write an article, you provide two or three backlinks to your webpages from the resource box. The anchor text of that back link is very important in SEO.

Use keywords that have consistent and long lasting traffic as anchor text for building back links. Use wrong keywords and all your effort of months will go wasted. You need to find golden keywords that have traffic and that convert. Search engines use these keywords in the anchor text in ranking.

Another important SEO fact not known to many is that Google considers a domain ending with a forward slash and without a forward slash as two separate domains.

So decide whether you want your domain to end with a forward slash or not and than use that convention consistently in link building.

Try to avoid issues of duplicate content. Have you taken a look at the Free Traffic System? No, then you should. It is a free system that can help you a lot in getting quality back links to your site.

Mr. Ahmad Hassam is a Harvard University Graduate. Discover A Social Bookmarking Software for Massive Link Building and Traffic. Read How To Get Massive Web Traffic!

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