Increase Search Engine Traffic with Free Blog Comment Tool

By Rosie Cottis

Want to increase search engine traffic to your site? Try leaving comments on blogs!

Leaving comments on blogs is one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring more traffic to your site. It builds links that some search engines will follow, and it brings actual visitors who will click through from your comment to your site.

What's more, if you do this right, the traffic that you get will be highly targeted. That is, your visitors will be people who are truly interested in your site and what you have to offer.

But wait ... before you rush off to the nearest blog directory, I have something that will save you a lot of time. And time is money, remember? Especially when this tool is free, and with it you can reduce to almost nothing the time that you spend hunting down the best blogs.

Then you can use the time that you saved to leave lots more comments on lots more blogs, attracting lots more visitors to your site! Cool, huh?

Comment Kahuna from Portal Feeder is a totally FREE tool that will search the internet for the best blogs for you to comment on. You can set it to find blogs in your niche - that is, blogs that are on the same subject as your site. This means the people who visit that blog will be interested in your site too.

Plus it puts the blogs in order by page rank, which is an indicator of the traffic that the blog is likely to get. This means you don't go wasting your time on low ranking blogs that nobody ever visits.

All you have to do is leave a short, relevant comment on the blog plus a link to your site, so that people can click through.

It doesn't matter what your site is about. This software will find blogs on almost any subject you can imagine.

It is not likely that you would have a site on such an obscure topic that the tool would not be able to find relevant blogs. However, if that does happen, you can just widen your search terms.

For example, if your site is about how to train a horse to bark like a dog, there might not be many blogs about that exact topic. But if you ask Comment Kahuna to find blogs about training horses, there will be plenty. And maybe some of the visitors to those blogs will be interested in having their horse bark like a dog - or at least, they will want to know how it's done. So they would be your perfect visitors with a genuine interest in your site.

Pick up your copy of Portal Feeder's Free Blog Comment Tool Here and start to increase search engine traffic to your web site right now!

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