If you aren't Buildling Links You are Not Going to Succeed

By Jackie Lee

If you aren't getting search engine traffic I can almost guarantee you aren't building enough links. I can say this because building links is probably THE most important thing there is to do for your site if you expect to see search engine traffic to your site. Most new internet marketers fail to understand this and go for the "easy" social traffic. Problem is social traffic doesn't pay. It's time to get started building links, here are few ways to get you started.

Blog comments. This is an easy way to start building links. It will also get you some direct traffic if you do it right. You can use software to find blogs that are related to your site, but you can also just go to Google blog search and put your keywords in. When you find a blog similar to your, read the post and then if you have something to say you can make a post in the comments. You can put your keywords in the name field and your url in the url field. This will create a link back to your site. There are many nuances to this technique so look at the other comments and see if others are doing this before you do. Make sure you add some value in your comment. Don't just write "nice site, I like it" that is not valuable and your comment will most likely be deleted.

Article marketing also known as Bum Marketing is a great way to build links to your site. You have what is called a resource box at the bottom of your article. You are allowed to place 2 links to your site within that box. These are what will become your backlinks. Make sure you use keywords in your links within your resource box. Remember it is links back to your site WITH keywords as the anchor text that the search engines are looking for. If you just write click here, that will not help you at all.

RSS is one of the easiest ways to begin building links back to your site. It's also a strategy not everyone is using. All you have to do is grab your RSS feed url and begin submitting it to RSS directories. These directories are free, and for many of them you do not even need to create an account. For many you can leave tags for your feeds, these are simply more keywords related to your feed so others can find it when searching the directories. The link is usually made from your post title, so make sure you use keywords in your titles.

Free content platforms. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of places online that will allow you to put your content on their server for free. These sites are a dream come true for those building links back to their sites. You have control of the content and therefore you can make sure your links have the perfect anchor text. These free platforms may be free blog sites, free wiki type sites, and of course squidoo. Make sure you read the terms of service for each before you start, as each site's rules are a little different.

As you can see building links to your site is not very complicated. It can be time consuming and relatively boring, but it's just one of those things you have to do to see search traffic. If you fail to build links back to your site you can pretty much expect not to see much search engine traffic. A big hit of traffic from stumble can feel good on the stat counter, but you may be surprised that even after 1000 visitors you haven't made a dime. Work on building links, so you can get some search traffic. It may take a little more work, but you will actually make some money.

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