Should You Buy Text Links?

By Brent Sweet

Many Webmasters buy text links because they need results as quickly as possible. Building the popularity of your website can be a time-consuming and demanding job. You start by building up your content - you buy (or create) some quality articles or information to post to your website. You make sure your web pages look professional and appealing. Then for months no one wants to link to your website and you see no growth in your site's popularity. Without links your page rank remains stagnant and you don't see your web site gaining a top spot in search engine results.

Well, now is the time to build relationships with other sites. It's time to work on link exchanges and on link popularity. The truth is that this can be even more time-consuming than building content...

Buy Text Links

Yes you can buy text links as an alternative to the other, slow growth linking strategies. The process of building links through trading and asking for one way links can be long and frustrating. That's why many webmasters try an easier way - they buy text links.

Well, not any text link of course - purchased text links should be on sites that have themes that are complimentary to yours. Google and other search engines tend to compare content when calculate a site's page rank. Placing a link to your site from so-called Link Farms usually leads to a disaster.

Link Farms specialize in linking anyone to anyone. Most search engines either ignore those links or penalize you if you have many from link farms.

If you buy carefully chosen text links using a specialized company, you often can quickly increase your site's page rank. This can give your site the edge you need. Almost every company that offer text links for sale has an expert that will help you to choose the best text link to buy.

Buy Text Links Carefully

The choice isn't easy. Most web and marketing experts will say that faster popularity is better even if you have to buy it, and usually they are right. The quick boost to your site's ranking on search engines is a good thing, but remember - do not build your page rank based solely on purchased text links.

Spend time each month on conventional link building strategies and buy text links only for additional support. The search engines have learnt how to distinguish purchased text links from natural links. If you have too many purchased links, your pages could disappear from the search engines, often without any notice or warning.

Having good, honest links from content-connected sites can be the best way to build your site's traffic, even if it won't raise your page rank as quickly as purchased text links.

If you are developing a web site for long term profits, start with a practical link building program like article submission. Then, carefully add a few well chosen paid links. As the old saying goes "It's better to be safe than to be sorry".

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