Collecting Baseball Cards

By Dee Evron

Collecting baseball cards and other sports cards like football cards, basketball cards, and hockey cards is a great get away from everyday life and is a fun pastime for the whole family. While baseball cards were first produced in the United States, as the popularity of baseball spread to other countries, so too did the production of baseball cards.

Baseball card collectors tend to love the hunt for the special insert cards like the memorabilia cards that are randomly inserted into the packs and most also love to collect rookie cards. A card will usually feature one or more baseball players or other baseball-related sports figures.

Upper Deck is one of the most popular card companies. They started distributing baseball cards in 1989 and have since been the leading card company in the United States. There were rumors that they were trying to purchase the rights to there one competitor, Topps.

You always want to buy Rookie cards of the hottest names in baseball and football. Rookie cards are usually one of the most sought after cards of a player, and they command some of the highest prices. The rookie card logo shows the words "rookie card" over a baseball bat and home plate with the Major League Baseball logo in the top left corner.

Vintage tobacco baseball cards are very scarce and perhaps even more rare and desirable are the early candy and gum issued baseball cards. Some of the baseball card manufacturers that made vintage baseball cards include the Bowman Gum Company, and Goudey Gum Co.

The more sought after cards for rare baseball card collections are the more rare or vintage cards. New companies like Score, Upper Deck, and Pacific started making cards and the competition led to the high-tech sports cards we have today with the many different brands being made.

Since then numerous other baseball card producing companies have made a name for themselves: Fleer, Donruss, Bowman, and Upper Deck to name a few.

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