Getting The Most Out Of Caribbean Cruise Vacations

The thought of visiting on tropic isle draws many to Caribbean cruise vacations. The warm sand, consistent weather, and azure blue seas has its allure, but it's often the slower pace and tranquility many seek where "island time" rules the day. Additionally, with the newer amenities available on ships today, that home away from home appeal is easy to achieve.

The hardest decision to making when planning a vacation of this kind is where to go and there are many choices. Much has to do with group size and intent. For instance, if one plans on creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a family there are many sites which cater to the needs of those of all ages. On the other hand, if a destination wedding in planned, many locations feature not only spectacular scenery, but also coordinators who ensure everything is in order prior to the arrival of the wedding party.

The U. S. Virgin Islands consist of the island of St. Croix, St. John, and St. Thomas. Each island is unique and offers varied experiences to visitors, but all have the distinction of being known as the perfect island paradise. Leisure time is abundant, but for those who enjoy more invigorating adventures, these islands won't disappoint. Snorkeling, scuba diving, para-sailing, wind surfing, kite boarding, and many other sports are favorites for many visitors and locals alike. Additionally, its rich history and unique artistry draw many who prefer to stroll at a leisurely pace through the many exhibits or take a tour to one of the many sugar cane plantations.

Consisting of 700 islands, the Bahamas is a favorite destination due to its accessibility to the United States. Located just 50 miles off the Florida coast it provides the unique combination of a tropical paradise at an affordable price. One of their greatest assets is the fact there are so many islands to choose from interacting with others is a choice rather than the rule. Just imagine swimming in a blue lagoon miles away from the hustle and bustle of the modernized city then sitting in the warm sand and sea waves crash on breakers in the distance. Not only the home of famous personages such as Bob Marley it also contains the unique combination of culture and beauty that is hard to find elsewhere.

One of the newer up-and-coming preferred destinations is Belize. Located in the Western Caribbean it is best known for the beautiful coral reefs which surround the island. One of the most famed portions is Turneffe Atoll. This 30x12 mile tropical paradise is actually a ringed-shaped coral reef with a beautiful blue lagoon at its center. It is best known for the diving opportunities, sport fishing, and what has become known as eco-touring. This provides visitors with the opportunity to see nature at its best. Whether one seeks to bird watch, catch site of the many manatees, or visit a crocodile nest, many adventures await those who dare to challenge themselves while immersing themselves in paradise.

For those who have visited the Caribbean before, but seek a new adventure, a trip to Anegada is a must. Well-known for its miles of white, sandy beaches and sculpted sea bottom, this area is teeming with exotic sea-life and is a favorite site for the snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiast. An expanded coral reef is clearly visible through the nearly transparent waters which brings visitors face-to-face with the succulent delicacies in the area; crustaceans. Some of the largest lobsters in the world are found in this region and restaurants in the area offer a variety of cuisines to satisfy even the most demanding palette.

Whether one opts to select one of the sites previously mentioned or the many others yet to be explored, each island is unique, tranquil, tropical, and breathtakingly beautiful. Additionally, between the stimulating adventures to the rich heritage and culture, one will not find themselves lacking for something to do. It's important to remember, however, that these are only enhanced by the variety of amenities and friendly people who make life so carefree on the cruise lines.

Ship life is something of a misnomer because once on-board one has little sense of being at sea at all unless enjoying the view from the deck. The vessel floats as if on glass and every whim is fulfilled with speed, enthusiasm, and a friendly demeanor. The tourism desk can prearrange tours and activities as well as provide information on local sites and restaurants at each site. Additionally, daily activities are scheduled during the time at sea to ensure every visitor makes the most of their vacation hours.

Everything imaginable can be found on-board today's modernized liners. The finest chef's, best wait staff, most talented artisans, and a highly trained crew are eager and available to not only ensure the safety of each guest, but to see to their every need as well. Imagine returning from breakfast to find the room made up and a figure of stingray made of towels gracing the end of the bed. The room-size refrigerators are kept stocked and a personalized wall safe in each room ensures the safety of valuable items.

There are so many entertainment venues it's hard to list them all. Theater productions are presented nightly along with first-run movies. Several clubs are in full swing every night as well with karaoke and nightly dances. The casino is a favorite for many and for some just warming themselves in the sun or swimming in one of the several pools on deck satisfies the need to slow down and enjoy the day. For others the fact that liners now have fully staffed beauty shops, massage parlors, and gyms with personal instructors is a real plus.

For those who desire the best of everything on Caribbean cruise vacations, whether they are on a budget or not, a cruise is one of the best ways to go. There is no need for additional transportation, worrying about where to eat or what to do, or even where to go. Everything one requires has been anticipated and is ready and waiting. All one has to do is choose from the many opportunities which await visitors looking for a different kind of adventure.

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