A Luxurious Vacation Aboard A Cruise Ship

By Ned Dagostino

Looking for an extraordinary vacation? Then look no further! A trip on a luxury cruise liner will be a memorable vacation that will last you a lifetime! Cruise operators give you so many options that you can always find one to fit the bill, whatever yours is. From three-day shorties to fortnight-long cruises, everything is available. A vacation on a cruise ship is all inclusive and will suit every age group and every taste.

The fare is all-inclusive and you don't have to pay any other vacation-related charge while on board. There are two reasonable exceptions: the drinks you consume on board and extra excursions that you make when the ship docks at a port. Apart from these two exceptions, all your meals, entertainment and many other activities all come in the price of the ticket. This is a big relief for many tourists who don't like unexpected expenses while vacationing.

The cruise ship is a luxury liner with every facility on board for your enjoyment. The rooms are all well-appointed, with extremely courteous and efficient room-service. There is a party atmosphere on most of these cruises because that is what you want, don't you? Merriment, relaxation, recreation, rest, entertainment and a feeling of having left it all behind (your troubles, that is). The scenic beauty of the balmy ocean, the fantastic breeze playing through your hair, and the thought of Bill Grady doing the annual reports makes it feel a little bit like heaven.

R & R! Aah, you don't need to have that expanded when you're on board the "Mirabile Dictu"! It's all around you. Theme pools, theme lounges, theme restaurants... everything is specially designed to give you the experience of a lifetime. There are onboard facilities to take care of you, like a first class spa with trained massage therapists, a beauty salon where Helena can get a face pack, a gym for your personal "Battle Of The Bulge", the works. The cruise ship engages big name stars to provide you with entertainment shows every evening. If you want to trip the light fantastic, you can drop into the ballroom with a live band in attendance. In short, it's a dream come true!

But what about the kids? Special camps are organized for children, covering a lot of interests, from computers to BeyBlade. They are happy as larks! And the baby? Baby can be put into the onboard baby-sitting service whenever you and the wife want some quality time for yourselves.

Let's talk money. You'll be pleasantly surprised that contrary to general opinion, these cruises do not require you to have an oil well in Texas to afford one! The cruise operators design the whole cruise in a very professional manner, taking the advice of financial and business experts. So they have "packages" or "plans" which are designed to suit every budget. The packages vary in two different aspects: tour duration, and accommodation. A three-day cruise will be appreciably cheaper than a fortnighter. Similarly, an interior room will be less expensive than a stateroom. Just to put things in perspective, a 'small' room on one of these cruise ships is as large as a large hotel room, so you're not exactly going to get cramps in that 'small' room!

So whether it's just the two of you, or whether it's the whole family, a cruise on a luxury cruise liner is going to be an experience that will last you a lifetime! So come on! Put your name down for the "Hawaiian Holiday" cruise and you'll come back wearing a smile and a lei!

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