Cheap Cruises: Perfect Getaways on a Tight Budget

By Jim Lamchester

Cheap cruises are perfect for families, couples or friends who are traveling on a budget. Getting on a cruise liner at a fraction of the price can really be a real treat, especially for those who don't have a lot of money to spare but still want to in spend some quality time with their partners or friends and family.

There are actually plenty of ways in which you can get cheap cruises. One of which is by traveling in groups. A group of ten can surely get huge discounts even if they are traveling during peak season. Thus, if you want to travel with your family of four, you could probably invite your brothers, neighbors, or in-laws to join your group so you can enjoy rebates or discounts. Unless you are planning a honeymoon, traveling in a big group is usually more fun not only for you but for each of your companions as well.

Another great way to save on cruises is by booking in advance or buying the ticket on the very last minute. Many cruise providers give early booking discounts to passengers. So if you want to cruise around Europe in May, it may be wise to call your agent or book your cruise as early as December. Last-minute cruise fare purchases can also get you discounts. As much as possible, cruise operators want to leave the docks at full capacity. Thus, if there are just one or two cabins left a day before the start of the cruise, cruise ship operators are all too willing to give huge discounts for such unoccupied onboard accommodation. So, if you can go on a vacation at short notice, then you should try buying a ticket a day or two before the start of the trip.

Cheap cruises are also available during non-peak seasons. The reason why fares during lean months are so low can be explained by the law of demand and supply. During summer months, when most people are inclined to take vacation, cruise packages are usually more expensive because there are more individuals who are interested to travel. However, during the fall or winter months, when people would much rather stay at home and drink hot cocoa, cruise packages are much cheaper.

An alternative way to get cheap cruises is by booking online. Since online travel agencies have lower operating costs than in-store travel companies, the former are much more generous with discounts and are much more flexible with rates too.

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