Finding True Love and Staying Safe with Online Dating

By Pam Baldwin

It can be very complicated to find that true love everyone is looking for, and even more in today's hectic society. Meeting people the old fashioned ways such as going to bars seem to take lots of our time and can be often disappointing. However nowadays the internet can be a very handy tool in meeting that special someone. Now I am going to give you some tips on how to be safe while trying to meet that special person.

Websites such as Date com and PerfectMatch help you in your quest for love, but it can be scary to talk to a person you've never me before! So, here's how to stay safe in the online dating scene. After all, you probably don't want to go on a blind date, so why date a stranger who you know nothing about? Here are some tips to help you out.

Always use a real website that at least has some reputation like Date com or PerfectMatch which are ideal to start your quest for true love.

It is important to buy a webcam. There are some with very accesible prices you can find for less than 30 dollars. With a webcam you can use several messaging programs to actually see the person you are having a conversation with.

It is also smart to buy a microphone. A microphone will save you from all those bills from long distance calls since we never know where the person we will meet will be from.

Don't give out your address or home phone number to a stranger.

Never meet anyone for the first time in a private place as it can lead to lots of nasty surprises. Always pick a public place and try to bring a friend along with you.

It is also polite (not to mention smart) to really pay attention to what the other person says. Check carefully for contradictions in what they tell you: that is a sure way to spot any online scammers or people with bad intentions.

Try to not be too defensive or paranoid. I assure you even though some people have bad intentions, lots are good ones looking for the same as you.

To have fun while dating safety is crucial. You will be best off if you pick safe surroundings in which you can relax and concentrate in knowing the person you are dating better. Online and in real life you really don't know this person. So being as relaxed and comfortable as you can will help you know them better. Never dismiss your inner voice. If something feels wrong it probably is.

One of the biggest worries people have with online dating is whether the other person is sincere. Is that wonderful person as great as they pose to be? Are they being really honest with you? Experience has shown me that some people lie, some out of insecurity, some so they look better. It is not easy to know who lies and who is honest. And this is where I find the webcam and the microphone pretty useful since with a little attention and experience you can usually notice when people lie, from their face and voice.

A crucial safety measure is to never give up personal info that can get them to reach you directly such as a phone number or your address. You should really pay attention to this as you can endanger yourself by ignoring this. If you feel like giving out a phone number use your cellphone first, as they cannot track you or your home address as easily with this phone number. If you want them to send anything then use a PO Box. This little precaution can go a long way in helping you be safe.

Also very important is to always meet in public places. If you think you finally found the person you want to start going out with and cannot wait to meet them for the first time, you can go ahead. But having that first meeting in a public place is always the best thing to do to protect your personal safety. It is much easier to avoid a bad experience while surrounded by people. If they are OK with it, you bringing a friend is also a good thing. Try suggesting a place where you can have a good excuse to bring a friend, such as bowling.

Do not overdo things and act too paranoid or distrustful. No one appreciates if their date warns them that they already did a complete background check on them. Have fun and realize not everyone is out there to try and hurt you. Chances are the other person wants true love as much as you and is also taking their chances exactly as much as you are.

As you have seen staying safe can be pretty easy if use common sense and plan ahead. A few precautions like these, and you are ready to enjoy a great date with that new person in your life. A few things like meeting in a public place, paying attention, following your instincts, and not giving out personal information can make the difference between a potential disaster and a great date with that person that (hopefully) is just the right one for you. Enjoying your dates and having fun is crucial too: having fun is an important part of the process!

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