Why You Should Go For Electric Cars

Few decades ago, electric cars seemed to be just products of one's imagination. In fact, you believed that they existed only in the movies and perhaps in some sci-fi television programs. However, when cars such as those of Tesla Motors started appearing, you realized that they are not impossible. What's more, when you get to own one, you would enjoy a lot of great benefits.

Defining an Electric Car

You're used to vehicles that are powered by petroleum-based products. That's why when you're running of out fuel, you would hurriedly look for the nearest gas station to get a pump. However, that's not the case with electric cars. As their name implies, you are going to use electricity to make your vehicle move.

Now, before you start to imagine a Back to the Future type of vehicle, you should know that electric cars are no different than the usual vehicles. They can be classy, stylish, compact, or functional as you want them to be. They only differ on the parts. For these kinds of cars to function, they require an electric motor, controller, and rechargeable batteries.

There are also a number of people who consider hybrid and electric vehicles as synonymous. They are not. The latter are powered by electricity, nothing else. Hybrid vehicles, on the other hand, may work with electricity or with petroleum.

The Advantages of Using Electric Cars

These vehicles are not cheap, which makes you scared of getting one. They can cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, when you get to know the benefits, you would most definitely change your mind:

1. You spend less on maintenance. By using electric motor, there's no need for you to buy lubricants for your engine. You won't even have to utilize transmission and anti-freeze fluids. You can skip oil change, and you don't have to worry about any leaks. There are also fewer moving parts to think about.

2. You can reduce carbon emissions. The pollutants that petroleum products emit from cars are actually one of the reasons for acid rain. Acid rain can destroy the natural pH level of soil, and it can be bad for plants and animals. It will also weaken building structures, since metals would start to corrode during prolonged exposure. Smog can also cause global warming and climate change. Add to the list is the growing number of people who developed respiratory problems.

Since electric cars don't emit anything, you can help the environment and reduce the health effects of pollution to humans.

3. You are less dependent on imported oil. With electric vehicles, you have an excellent means of helping out your country's economy. The conventional fuel you use is imported, which means the we the consumer have paid millions of dollars to bring it to the country. However, it could not be replenished. Once it's used up, more has to be purchased.

When you use electricity, you can reduce the dependence of the country to petroleum and spare yourselves from the volatility of its prices in the market.

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