Forex Megadroid Review

By Frank Rivera

With the recent success of FAPTurbo, many scalping robots have come along as cheap knockoffs of the original. Most of them are not profitable and they prove to be ripoffs. Forex Megadroid recently came out and many people figured that this was just another one of those. Someone else claiming to be able to scalp money out of the forex market with a robot. However, when the dust finally settled, people found that Forex Megadroid was pretty good as well.

What does Forex Megadroid do and what can you expect out of it? Forex Megadroid is an expert advisor that can be used with any MetaTrader 4 forex account. This gives you a lot of options for a broker, although you'll want one that has low spreads on the EUR/USD. The robot is a pre-Asian session trader like many other robots.

This software is designed to trade on the pre-Asian trading session and it has the noticeable difference of a different currency pair than the FAPTurbo can offer. The inclusion of the EUR/USD pair allows you more opportunities to trade, especially as the spreads on this pair are very reasonable during the pre-Asian sessions.

The Forex Megadroid can boast having a slightly higher accuracy rate than the FAPTurbo and also many other comparable robots too. It also has the ability to pick entry points that can often be more accurate than its competitors. However, you might notice that the trading strategy used by the Forex Megadroid differs from the majority of other robots.

This means instead of seeing several small profits of $5 or $6 throughout the trading day like you would with FAPTurbo, you should instead see one or two larger winners of $25 or $30 with Forex Megadroid.

This robot doesn't have a lot of customization like FAPTurbo, which makes it the perfect robot for beginners. You just enter in your receipt number and what you're willing to risk per trade, and it does the rest. It will even factor in the risk percentage into the stoplosses, so it won't lose more than you're willing to risk.

If you've never traded on the forex market before, then this robot is ideal. The easy to follow guide can show you how to get your account up and running with your robot so you could be making profits within minutes.

In conclusion, the Forex Megadroid can be an amazingly effective robot that will help you generate solid profits. There are distinct similarities to the FAPTurbo, but this robot is considerably more accurate in picking entry points. While the amount of trades entered might seem lower, the consistently higher accuracy of trades picked makes this robot an ideal choice for anyone wanting to succeed with forex trading.

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