The Risks Of Online Forex Trading When Using Margin Accounts

By John Eather

The benefits of online forex trading with a margin are that it allows the broker to leverage lots of currency which are as much as 100:1 the size of his deposit. This makes for very good profit potential. However with every high profit venture, comes the high risk aspect which is the other side of the coin. If a trader is not careful and does not know what he is doing he could lose his margin deposit.

If your margin account stands at a leverage ratio of 100:1 or 1% on a lot unit of $100 000, even a one cent move of a currency in the wrong direction will see this deposit completely wiped out. Essentially this means you lose $1 000! There are methods and safeguards in place that will limit these losses, for instance "stop loss orders". These will automatically close your position if the currency drops below a certain point. They will allow traders to limit losses, while still allowing potential profit to be earned.

Safeguards can be put in place to prevent this from happening, and these are called "stop loss orders". Stop loss orders will mean that your account automatically closes the transaction when the currency you are trading falls to a certain low. These stop loss orders can limit losses, while allowing for profitable trading.

While there are both risks and rewards when trading online in forex margin accounts, this is the case with any type of investment process if you hope to make big profits. Professionals are trading places with their jobs as doctors, accountants, lawyers and other enterprises, in the inherent belief that they can make far more money by online foreign exchange trading. They also need to take the necessary precautions to protect their investment.

So you see there are both risks and the potential for great rewards when using a margin account. The beauty of this kind of account however is that virtually anyone who can get their hands on $1 000 can become a forex trader. Professionals are making dramatic career changes to get into this industry, but everyone needs to know that knowledge is vital. Rather invest that first $1000 in getting yourself an education in currency trading, to obviate any costly mistakes.

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