London Forex Rush System Review

By Joe Siphon

The London Forex Rush System is an intra-day, momentum driven forex trading strategy dealing exclusively with the London forex trading session. Al Russell, professional forex trader, created this system to take advantage of the extreme trading volume that occurs in the forex market when the Tokyo session gives way to the London session.

The interesting thing about this forex strategy is that it deals only with the first two hours of the London forex session beginning at 7:00 am GMT or 3:00 am EST. When this session begins, trading volume is heavy and thats a good thing. It also means 2 hours will be your total time investment. If no signal is given, no trades take place.

Al has devised an automated MetaTrader 4 custom indicator that serves as a trading alert. You dont need MetaTrader 4 to use London Forex Rush, you just wont be able to use Als indicator. The good news is, MT 4 is free and theres a download link on The London Forex Rush FAQ page. The indicator will map out an entry point, an aggressive and conservative stop loss, an aggressive and conservative target and an aggressive and conservative lot size multiplier i.e. money management layer. Its very straight forward and even displays an entry countdown clock so there's no guessing.

Does The London Forex Rush System work? Is it a scam? In a nutshell this is a quick hit, momentum based forex system that thrives in volatile markets. The British Pound Sterling and its crosses (GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF) are exclusively where this forex strategy trades. If you enjoy pouring over charts, doing extensive research and watching the forex market like a hawk, then this is probably not the system for you. If you have limited time, can carve out a few hours per day and have been looking for an easy to use forex system, this may be it.

Before you commit real trading capital, test this forex strategy with a demo account. Most online forex brokers offer them free of charge. This system comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which should give you plenty of time to decide if it will work for you.

Is the London Forex Rush System a scam? Visit London Forex Rush System Review to read a FREE report about this automated forex trading system.

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