Forexeasystems' Forex EA Shark 5.0 Ultimate

By Jill Novel

Forex EA Shark 5.0 Ultimate is the ultimate intraday trading machine for the currency pair EUR/USD. For a human trader it is impossible to watch 12 indicators, pivots, fibs and support and resistance levels on multiple timeframes and make a trading decision within half a second.

Shark uses multiple timeframes, 12 custom indicators, Fibonacci, Pivots, Support and Resistance levels for the trading decisions. Every trades is secured by a fixed Stop Loss (with the initial order). The recommended risk per trade is 1 - 3 %.

This is exactly what the Shark does. The result is a system which executes 2 trades on an average trading day and wins 86 - 88 % from all trades.

Forex EA Shark 5.0 Ultimates system has been designed to work with the EUR/USD pair and is very simple to operate.

When I first started out trading forex, I went through the same process most newbie traders go. Jumping into the deep end without experience is not the way to go. I can vow for that, as I blew up my account in just a few weeks!

Of course this forced me to sit back and analyze what had happened. I then started looking for different proven strategies and systems that I could use that would take the emotion and of course my inexperience out of the equation. I studied different manual trading systems, signal systems, and then finally expert advisors (automatic trading systems).

When I finally got to the point where I realized that an EA was probably the best route for me to go, at least in the intermediate term, I started testing many free as well as many paid-for EAs. Testing made it clear that most free EAs are just really beginners slapping together rules in Metatraders mql4 (the programming language used for creating expert advisors), that did not make money at all. Some of the proprietary EAs, though, did show quite a bit of potential, and this is when I stumbled across EA Shark.

Of course stumbled across is probably not the best term to use, as this EA is so immensely popular with forex traders. But my natural skepticism told me not to trust even the most popular EA, since I had seen such terrible results with them before.

The next step for me was to test the EA, going from back-tests, to forward tests, to live tests, this EA just kept giving me winning trades. Of all the free EAs to the ones up to the US$500 price class, this was definitely the best performing EA.

With Forex EA Shark 5.0 Ultimate, you can expect a monthly profit of 10 - 30% a month. Just place the EA on your Meta Trader platform and let it do its job -- it will analyze the market and place orders fully automated. It will work for you 24 hours a day 5 days a week and it doesn't need any sleep, never miss a trade anymore! This is what most people say, "Trade Smart, Not Hard"!

Is the EA Shark 5.0 a scam? Visit EA Shark 5.0 Ultimate Review to read a FREE report about this automated forex trading system.

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