Forex EA PipZu Review - Is It a Scam?

By Ryan Shemin

I have been playing around with Forex for a little while now and I can tell you that it has the potential, if done right with the proper tools, to be an amazingly simple way to make money.

This brings me to PipZu. It's a new expert advisor that has been privately developed by a team of experts over the past few years and has just recently been released to the public.

Have You Been Burned By Forex Trading?

If you have, you'll know what a terrible feeling it is. You buy a piece of software, invest your money, and see your money vanish before your eyes. This is because of the risky strategy that many Forex Robots use. PipZu has been designed specifically to minimise risk.

More importantly, PipZu has a full test system so that you can practice your trading before you invest any real money. And if for some reason you don't like the PipZu test system you're able to obtain a full refund on your purchase.

PipZu Is A Refreshing Change

I've been evaluating Forex Robots / Expert Advisors for quite some time now. Usually when you visit their websites, they are busy telling you that you'll make extreme profits, never need to work again, etc etc. Let's face it, that is hardly ever the case really - and many of those robots will serve to only put you at risk. PipZu is designed with risk aversion in mind.

What Makes PipZu Different From All Those Other Robots?

Let me tell you the ways :

1. PipZu is Suited For Both Small And Big Investors. Whether you are starting with a small amount of money or a large sum, PipZu can work for you.

2. PipZu is Conservative. One of the biggest risks with Forex Robots is that you get a piece of software that effectively gambles your money. PipZu doesnt gamble your money. It sits and waits until it is certain that a profit can be made, and only trades then. Normally PipZu will only trade once or twice a week but don't turn away, because that's still often enough to make you a decent profit.

3. Lowest Risk Expert Advisor. PipZu's once or twice a week trading pattern makes it the lowest risk Forex Robot to date. There will always be times where you lose money in trades - thats a fact of life in Forex Trading - however PipZu has the smallest losses of any Expert Advisor, and the quickest turnaround to making profit again. This makes PipZu the lowest risk Forex Robot.

Do You Want To Trade Forex More Safely, With Lower Risk?

If you answered yes, then PipZu is the piece of software for you.

I've been very impressed by PipZu, and I strongly recommend it to anyone even thinking of getting involved in Forex Trading.

Visit Pipzu to read a FREE report about this automated forex trading system.

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