Forex Boomerang -- The Honest Review

By Joel Comb

Forex Boomerang is a foreign exchange robot trading on the EUR/USD currency pair. It was due to be released in 2009 but actually got released early, meaning that many traders may have missed hearing about it as they rushed about doing their Christmas shopping.

Like almost all robots, the Forex Boomerang makes use of the MetaTrader 4 platform for trading. For those unsure of what this is, it is basically a piece of software that you run on your computer that constantly downloads the latest foreign exchange market data. The Forex Boomerang then sits on top of the metatrader platform, analyses the incoming market data and then makes buy and sell orders.

Forex Boomerang's uniqueness comes down to its design on when to buy and sell. Where in the past people preferred robots that took a bit of a gamble to make them money, in the changed market environment people are wanting products that can make them money with less risk. The Forex Boomerang is specifically designed to focus on safer trading.

Will Forex Boomerang Make Me Money?

While they provide back tests that show how they turned $500 into $308000, that sounds a bit crazy to me. They must have been using an insane amount of leverage to achieve those results. You can see these back test results at Forex Boomerang Backtests.

While it will make you profit, I would consider using lower leverage to provide more consistent results. You make big money with high leverage, but it will allow you to lose big also. Which is a good time to remind everyone only trade Forex with money you can afford to lose. Although these robots are good, nothing is certain and I wouldn't want you to be using money that you need to survive on.

So to answer your question - Will Forex Boomerang Make Me Money - Yes it will but consider using lower leverage, you won't make quite as much as shown but it's a lot safer method.

Forex Boomerang Expert Advisor Benefits:

* Creates & Trades Forex 24hrs A Day 5 Days A Week
* Requires No Human Intervention
* Trades With Low Risk And High Returns
* Works With Any metatrader 4 Broker
* Trades on the Euro/USD 1 Hour Chart
* Is based on Heavy Build, Complex Algo
* Has a Great Stop Loss, Take Profit System
* Was Developed From The Ground Up With Profit In Mind
* Can be used on Free Demo Accounts Without Risking Real Capital

How Much Money Do I Need To Invest?

You will need to invest a minimum of $500, which is the minimum for most Forex brokers. You can still achieve great results with only a small deposit like this using higher leverage, but like I mentioned earlier it is a little bit riskier.

What I would suggest to you is if you decide to buy Forex Boomerang, follow their instructions to make a demo account. This lets you trade with fake money to get a feel for how everything works. It will also let you see the different returns on larger or smaller investments.

Forex Boomerang - Final Verdict!

Even though the backtest results are a bit far fetched (In My Opinion). I was very happy with Forex Boomerang's overall results. If you decide to buy Forex Boomerang PLEASE follow the instructions to create a demo account. I tell everyone this and it's a great way to get started.

Is the Forex Boomerang a scam? Visit Forex Boomerang Review to read a FREE report about this automated forex trading system.

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