Great Benefits Of Using Geothermal Energy

Perhaps one of the most less-talked about alternative sources of energy is geothermal energy. This is because this type of energy may not be usable in some parts of the world. It's most accessible to those who belong to the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Here's why. As its name suggests, geothermal energy depends on earth's produced heat to generate power. Underneath the earth's crust is magma, which is actually produced by molten rocks. Magma also has the ability to heat other rocks and even goes through sources of water. Thus, you have hot or geothermal springs.

Those who are operating geothermal companies would often collect this heated water, letting them pass through pipes and subpipes until they reach another set of water that is of lower boiling point. When such water is heated, it will turn into vapor, and the vapor would be used to operate the turbines.

Benefits of Using Geothermal Power

Most definitely, you are confused of how geothermal energy works. Most of all, it would be quite expensive for one to set up a plant, since you need large pipes to generate enough electricity. Nevertheless, as long as the government is willing to support and fund research and operation of geothermal energy, a lot of people would definitely enjoy the following benefits:

1. You have unlimited supply of power. Heat will always be produced under the earth's surface, thanks to the continuous decay of potassium and uranium. This also means that you can provide power such as electricity to a village or even a state without having to worry about its replenishment. The most important thing to remember is that the infrastructures, such as the pipes, are always checked to avoid leaks or to maximize the use of geothermal energy.

You also have a powerful resource under the ground. A lot of people don't know that the amount of energy that can be generated by underground heat is 50,000 times higher than those of natural gases.

2. You can immediately use the resource. Like the sun for solar panels, there's no need for you to convert geothermal energy into something else before it can be utilized. Right now, there are some buildings that are being heated by district heaters. The pipes are directly connected into the ground.

3. The country can be less dependent on imported oil. It's pretty obvious that the country is spending millions of dollars just for importation of fuel from other nations. Moreover, because of petroleum- based products are becoming scarce, the prices also surged up, making the us pay more.

Geothermal energy can help alleviate the economy of a country since one no longer has to acquire oil and be susceptible to the fluctuating price of such commodities in the market.

4. It is environmental friendly. You can bring down the level of acid rain to as much as 97 percent. This is because this type of fuel doesn't emit any type of gas. Moreover, since it doesn't bring about pollutants, you can also help in curbing global warming or climate change.

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