Patience Will Help Get Ex Back

By Molly Laws

Maybe it was a long simmering argument or maybe a sudden flash of anger. How ever it happened you and your partner have split. And you are determined to get your ex back.

Because you feel so strongly about the rightness of your relationship you may be tempted to immediately contact your ex. You want to phone your ex at home or at work. You want to show up in a place where you know he or she is likely to be. You want to initiate contact and then force your ex to listen to reason.

But the truth is if you do initiate contact at this early stage you will do more harm than good. It may be very difficult for you but you have to wait, you have to be patient.

The Split Happened for a Reason

Remember, your break happened for a reason. Maybe for several reasons. You may not be able to see what caused the break up or if you know the cause maybe it just doesn't make sense to you so you tend to want to dismiss it as unimportant. But if you go blundering in now, soon after the split, begging to be heard, demanding that your ex listen to reason, your version of reason, you will only make matters worse.

It may be hard for you to do but now is the time for patience, you have to wait.

How long you have to wait before initiating contact is a decision only you can make. The circumstances of the break up will help you to judge.

If you and your ex were having problems for some time before the break up, wait longer. If there was a lot of anger in your relationship or at the time of the break up, wait longer still.

Think about the kind of person your ex is and how long it may take him or her to cool off and calm down. When you are sure you know how long that period might be, double the time.

Use Your Time for Self Improvement

This waiting period is not lost time. Use this time to look at your own foibles and engage in some self-improvement.

Don't beat up on yourself but do look at the role you played in the break up. You need to understand your own faults and mistakes. When the time is right and you are talking to your ex about reunion you have to be able to say that you are aware of these problems and are really trying to make corrections.

The best relationships are often the ones that nearly failed. The patience, self-control and practical self-improvement you practice now will pay off with a renewed and better relationship with your ex in the future.

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