The Keys To Getting Your Ex Back Quickly

John Belair

"Breaking up is hard to do". Everyone knows the song and how true it is - breaking up is indeed hard to do. We never think about just how hard it can be; at least until it happens to us. A breakup can be incredibly tough and in the aftermath, you may want more than anything to get your ex back.

I'd like to give you a little information about how you can successfully get back with your ex after a breakup. There are some things which have worked to bring exes crawling back.

If you've recently broken up with someone, you have my sympathy - it's a hard time, no doubt about it. A lot of people think of their ex incessantly following a breakup. They can't sleep, they can't eat and they feel awful. However, following these tips can help you to get your ex back if that's what you really want.

The first thing you need to focus on is the following - Don't contact your ex! It's amazing how many people shoot themselves in the foot after a breakup or seperation. They call, email or text message their ex several times a day in the hopes that it will somehow win them back.

If you really want your ex back, do not do this. This will annoy your ex and make the odds of a reunion much less likely. Instead, give them space.

Here's why it's so powerful to just step back and cut all contact - your ex will actually contact you! The human mind is quite a funny thing - when your ex realizes that you aren't calling or keeping in touch, they can't help but get curious and wonder what's going on.

They expect you to be begging for them back, but when you don't it throws them for a loop. This step is hard but unbelievably important. By not contacting your ex, you will see that in a short time they will come to you and the power will have shifted into your hands.

There are also a couple of things which you must never, EVER do. If you're serious about getting your ex back, then do not:

- Call your ex's friends to ask them how to get your ex back or complain

- Get drunk and call your ex

- Beg, Plead or apologize profusely

There are plenty of other mistakes to avoid, but these are by far the biggest ones. You don't want to look crushed or needy following a breakup. Sadness is unattractive, so don't let your ex see you sad.

These are just a few tips which can help you in getting your ex back. There are other proven strategies which can help you to recover a relationship. You just have to have a strategy in mind and know what missteps to avoid if you want to have a chance of getting your ex back to your side.

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