All Inclusive Honeymoon Packages at Sandals Resorts

By Melissa Lambert

Deciding on a honeymoon location can be difficult but if you're interested in tropical weather, sunshine, and relaxation, you can't beat the Sandals Resorts for their all-inclusive packages.

Enjoy your time at the Sandals Resorts without reservation about additional costs; not even for alcohol. In fact, you can have a bottle of wine sent to your room for no additional charge. How romantic is that? Then enjoy your snacks and feast on food knowing that you can have as much as you desire.

Once you've married, you can go out and see some of the sights and experience the water-based sports or spend time on land at your favorite golf course. Remember, it's all included so you can choose whatever sounds good and just schedule a time to enjoy it.

Choosing a Sandals Resort that's perfect for you may include their amenities, food, and amusement options. No matter the location of the resort you choose, it's all without additional cost. See the different resorts, eat at the restaurants, swim in the pools, drink at the bars, and party at the nightclubs. It's all included.

Having flexibility on vacation is a must for a stress-reliever and Sandals Resorts let you choose what you want to do. You can stay in your room, layout by the pool, snorkel with the fish, go wind surfing and you can decide at the last moment for most activities. So the lack of planning in your schedule can reduce your stress and let you just enjoy being on your honeymoon.

Another great benefit of the Sandals Resorts for your honeymoon is that it's a couples-only resort so you won't have any children around to bother you. Just adults who are ready to enjoy some sun, romance, and privacy.

Being that the Sandals Resorts are in a tropical region, you'll want to plan ahead on your timing of being there to ensure the weather is friendly. However, Sandals offers a hurricane guarantee that you'll definitely need to ask your agent about. There is virtually no risk involved at Sandals.

Don't feel like you have to decide between all the Sandals Resorts and you only get to experience one of them. When you purchase a Sandals package you get access to each of their resorts at no additional charge. Some resorts are too far away to see and others are on other islands so be sure to ask for information on each of them. If you don't mind staying at just one resorts than be sure to choose the right resort for your desired vacation or honeymoon.

As mentioned, there are several resorts by Sandals and they're scattered all over the Caribbean. Be sure to choose the Sandals Resort that gives you the vacation in your preferred setting and gives you the amenities you'll be most happy with on your honeymoon.

Choose from several Sandals specialists and enjoy unlimited service, food, and activities as part of your package.

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