8 Essential Things To Do During Hurricanes

Hurricanes are described as strong tropical weather storms or cyclones with powerful sustained winds of more than seventy-five miles per hour. Simply put, they are very dangerous, yet they are inevitable. What you can do then is to ensure that you are completely prepared when they strike:

1. Keep yourself posted. Make sure that you know the goings-on in your area, such as possible shelters just in case there is flood or, worse, you lose your home. You also need to keep yourself abreast on the progress of the hurricane, so you would know your next steps. You can use your radio, mobile phones, as well as television. If it is still possible, you can go online and find real-time satellite photos of the hurricane. You can also keep the number of your disaster council close.

2. Have enough supply on hand. These include cash, food, medication, first-aid supplies, water, and clothes. You can buy extra batteries for your mobile phones, flashlights, and radios (if you have battery- operated ones). Also check the level of fuel in your vehicle. Just in case you have to evacuate, you can easily leave home and move to the nearest location. Ensure that your supplies can last for at least two weeks, so you won't have to go outside and expose yourself to the hurricane.

3. Coordinate with a family member outside town. If you have a friend or a family member who lives in an area spared of the hurricane, you can ask a favor if you can live with them for a short while.

4. Stay away from the sea. If you have yachts or boats, anchor them securely. Avoid going in places where there is high level of water. Hurricanes can definitely increase the water's level, making you a susceptible victim to flash floods. Worse, there could be a storm surge. 5. Protect your essential items. Important documents must be placed inside Ziploc bags, so they do not get damaged when they are exposed to water. Any loose item in your home or yard must be placed somewhere high or tied properly on the walls. This way, they do not end up flying together with the wind and hurting other people.

6. Always keep calm. You will not be able to think properly if you are too nervous or anxious. Hurricanes do not stay forever in one place. What is important is that you would be able to hold on for as long as you could.

7. Avoid staying in high places. If you are living in the nineteenth floor of a condominium, for example, you may want to consider moving to a lower one. In fact, try the first or the second floors. Usually, the stronger parts of the building are those that are found near the ground.

8. Leave early. If you believe you need to move out of your house, make sure that you can do so during broad daylight and before the actual hurricane arrives. This is to prevent getting stranded in a sea of other vehicles and people.

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