Measuring Intelligence In Different Ways

What does it take to start measuring intelligence? Is it enough that you score well on online IQ tests? What is the best form of assessment? How can one be considered intelligent, and is the effect of intelligence to the character of a person?

Intelligence is defined as the ability of the mind to process truths, meanings, and principles and, in turn, understand them. It also refers to how fast or slow you are in acquiring new knowledge and use it to you own advantage. It has also become one of the favorite subjects of psychologists, who wanted to measure a person's intelligence. Thus, there were a lot of tests that were introduced.

The first one was developed by Francis Galton, who measured intelligence of a person based on brute strength. By now, though, you know that physical strength does not have any relation of how the brain works.

A more believable examination was created by Theodore Simon and Alfred Binet, and it was aptly called Binet-Simon Intelligence Test. All participants were given a questionnaire, the answers of which would be evaluated by means of performance method. This means that if an eight- year-old kid scores the same as a ten-year-old, it means that the level of thinking of the former is more mature.

The test was later called Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test, after Lewis Terman of Stanford. He further modified the examination and expanded the theory to include behavioral patterns. Would a person who fared well in the examination would also be successful in life? His study lasted for several decades, even after his death.

True enough, it revealed that those who scored high on the intelligence test did better in their lives. Interestingly, they hypothesized that the success could also be attributed to the fact that they have better thought process, so they have better sense of judgment.

Perhaps the most comprehensive, accepted, and accurate measurement is the Wechsler Scales by David Wechsler. In his examination, he did not only focus on one type of intelligence, but different ones. This is because there are people who may be considered intelligent in visuals but poor in verbal linguistics. Both tests are classified into two general categories. You have verbal intelligence, which is composed of 7 subtests, and performance intelligence, made up of 6 subtests. Your scores in both exams will be combined to come up with your overall IQ.

How to Assess Your IQ

When you want to know your IQ level, it is important that you approach psychologists. Most schools would also conduct IQ examinations. If not, you can always request for one. You can also join an examination sponsored by MENSA. This organization is well-known for accepting only those who have IQ of 125 or more. You can take the assessment at home, but the result may not be considered official.

Should you take online IQ exams? You can, just to give you an overview of your learning ability. However, you may not be able to use your result to substantiate your IQ score.

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