Lake Tahoe - Behold The Magnificent Beauty

Lake Tahoe is an incredibly large freshwater lake set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is situated along the borders between Nevada and California and has depths of a staggering 594 meters and is the second deepest lake in the USA and the sixteenth deepest in the world as well as being the largest alpine lake in North America.

Lake Tahoe was formed way back around two million years ago and also forms part of the Tahoe Basin. This lake is well renowned for breathtaking views of the mountains as well as its utter magnificence it offers. The area as a whole is also known as Tahoe.

The area of Tahoe is a tourist's paradise and attracts thousands of people yearly especially for skiing, as this area provides some of the very best skiing in the world. The climate is rather unpredictable especially when the snow starts melting and adds to the water shedding already caused by rainfall which results in flooding of the lake.

Originally Lake Tahoe's natural inhabitants were the Washoe tribe and the lake was the heart of Indian Territory as well as was the upper valleys such as Carson and Walker which included the Truckee Rivers. This land has now been devoted to tourists and hundreds of restaurants as well as ski slopes and casinos have been built for tourism purposes.

Offered at Lake Tahoe are some of the world's finest skiing facilities which attract people globally affording them not only skiing but also accompanied by the vast beauty which surrounds the lake. The area also unfortunately has blizzards on the odd occasion. Some of the most popular ski resorts are Heavenly Mountain resort, Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows and Diamond Park as well as many other fine resorts and sled parks on offer.

Lake Tahoe comes alive during the months of spring and summer when tourists flood in and participate in the famous water sorts like deep diving and boating. But due to the depths of the drop-offs which are known to have caused decompression sickness due to the unbelievable high altitudes only professional divers can brave these waters.

Other popular activities are cycling and hiking round the Lake Tahoe as well as wilderness camping in the area is also popular. The Flume Trail is just awesome and highly recommended although a very steep trail winding up around the magnificent mountains and when coming down is an absolute blast.

Shopping is fantastic and there are many malls to choose from as well as the best shopping mall is the Christmas Tree Village. Whatever one requires you are able to obtain at any mall. Artisan crafts are plenty in Lake Tahoe and there is a variety of wonderful factory shops as well as fine art galleries for you to frequent. There are also casinos, bars and some night clubs all affording you with really good evening entertainment and Lake Tahoe speaks for itself offering magnificent scenery ever.

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