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Dr. Joe Vitale a Law of Attraction expert and featured personality in "The Secret", is the president of Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. He has written several books including, "The Attractor Factor, 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or Anything Else) from the Inside Out", "Life's Missing Instruction Manual: The Guidebook You Should Have Been Given at Birth", and "Zero Limits: The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More".

Dr. Joe Vitale also has a number-one bestselling audio program. It's called "The Power of Outrageous Marketing". He is the world's first hypnotic marketer, and as such, he has made millions and millionaires. He has used his talent to change the lives of many the world over.

Joe Vitale has always wanted to be a writer. The drive hit him hardest in his teenage years when he was captivated by the series "The Twilight Zone". He was confident that whoever was behind the stories must be some sort of god-like creature. He was a bit disappointed when he got the chance to meet Rod Serling in person, because he realized the phenomenon was written by a human. It inspired him, though. He knew he could write just as well as a fellow human.

So, what makes Joe Vitale so successful? He gets that question a lot and always responds in the same way: he follows his driving enthusiasm. It doesn't matter what his interest is at the time, he follows it to the end of the Earth. Person, place or thing, he knows he's following his heart.

One of his pursuits was learning as much as possible about a man named Bruce Barton, founder of BBDO. Joe researched him for two years before writing his highly successful book, "The Seven Lost Secrets of Success", which has been through approximately 20 printings. He didn't know he'd write a book when he was following Barton. He only knew he was following his passion.

Rarely do people follow their passions and instantly make money doing it. Most people have to struggle. Most people have ups and downs. Joe Vitale is no exception. There were times when he was homeless. There were times when he had to get a meaningless job just to be able to feed his wife and himself, but he never gave up his dream of writing.

The key to coming out of your moneyless rut is to figure out what's holding you back. For Joe, it was an inward struggle. No one in his family was a writer (or a reader, for that matter). No one understood his drive for the printed word. He left his family and traveled 2,000 miles away to regain his self worth and overcome his issues with poverty.

Even if you're making money, perhaps you've hit an income ceiling like Joe did. Again, you have to figure out why. There is something hidden in your subconscious that's holding you back. For Joe, it was a struggle knowing he could make more money than his father and do it with a lot less effort than working on his father's railroad job. Overcoming this obstacle was the turning point for Joe. Find yours!

Do you know what's keeping you from from your desires? Joe Vitale can help you bring the fire back to your life. Let Joe Vitale inspire you and show you how to be your desiresful in marketing & business.

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