Making Lye Soap for Gifts

By Diane Kelly

Everywhere people are relearning the art of soap making. It may look complicated at first but it is easy. If you have the room in your work room or kitchen it could just what you need to spice up you hobbies. Giving your soap away to guest and friends in a gift basket is a good way to use you soaps.

I had no idea that soap was just a process of lye and fats. It generates a process called saponification. Big word for big bubbles. Making hand made soap was not just a hobby a long time ago it was what they had to do to get soap.

Supplies are not complicated or that hard to find. Just look on the internet and you will find a complete list. Use stainless steel when you have a choice. You will need spoons, whisks, pots, bowls and the like. You'll need an oil like coconut or olive oil for example.

Fragrances are a very nice touch too but be sure those you are making the soap for are not allergic. Some people just do not care for fragrances so be sure.

You can add bath oil beads to the basket along with the soap and scrubby devices too. A back scrubber is always nice along with a buffing sponge.

Do a little homework and find out what colors their bathroom is in. That way you can match your soap making batch to their home making that much more special. It will show your friend that you took the extra time to check out their home and do soemthing that was special.

A soap gift basket would be good for any occasion. A birthday, baby shower, or house warming are just a few of the events that can be commemorated with a soap basket. A new neighbor will appreciate your hand made soap talent with a soap basket instead of the over used pie and cookies.

I know that you have picked up some ideas about how to use hand made soaps in gift baskets and I hope you will have some fun too. So hop to and get me a soap basket.

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