Have the Holiday of Your Dreams in Mauritius!

By Diksha Ramnundun

Choosing your next holiday destination can be a tedious task. Apart from considering the obvious factors such as how much money you'll need, determining the best times to travel and making the bookings, you also have to carry out the hardest task, picking a destination that everyone in the party will like, taking account of their preferences for holiday activities!

If you're still looking for the ideal holiday destination, why not consider Mauritius? The island of Mauritius can be the perfect choice for your dream holidays! Contrary to popular belief, holidays in Mauritius do not have to be expensive! The country offers a range of hotels that have excellent facilities and offer great service at reasonable prices. Many tour operators also offer packages that include extras, for example car rental services.

Mauritius is the dream destination for everyone - it offers a range of activities for every need. Newly-married couples will be delighted by the relaxed atmosphere, sunny beaches, warm waters and soft breezes while watching the sun go down. Mauritius will certainly add a dash of romance to your holiday.

Mauritius offers something for those who feel energetic, sporty or even adventurous. Ever tried water sports? There is a big selection of water sports to choose from, ranging from all levels from beginner to expert ones. How about hiking? Explore river gorges, volcano craters, caves and so on. If golf is your sport, then look no further! Mauritius has the most luxurious golf courses where you can enjoy golf under the best weather conditions.

Mauritius has a fascinating history. If want to learn about different cultures, Mauritius is the ideal destination! It will provide you with insights into mixed cultures such as Indian, Chinese and European, together with their different festivals, cuisines and traditions. You will be amazed by the experience Mauritius can provide.

Robert de Niro, Marco Materazzi, Colin Montgomerie, Danny Brillant, Lizzy Jagger, Gad Elmaleh, Oliver Kahn, Jennifer Ellison, Zinedine Zidane and Prince Harry are some of your favourite celebrities that have already been there! Why not join them by having your dream holiday in Mauritius!

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