5 Easy Ways to STAY Motivated

By Martha Giffen

It's one thing to GET motivated in life. It's quite another to STAY in the motivation zone. Here is a list of ideas you may be able to utilize, with good wishes that you will find them easy to implement in your own situation:

Congratulations! You have gained sponsorship and a shiny, brand-new vehicle; your engine is roaring on all cylinders; you are ready to roll around the success track!

The trick will be not to run out of umpity-go before you reach the finish line. You wont want to take time to refuel, so here are some ideas to make your race a little smoother ride:

1. Look into the rear view mirror as you watch the fast track! This means that you must consider all your prior successes as you charge ahead. What did you accomplish during your school years? How did you stand out in prior positions of employment? Can you list the places you spun your wheels that makes you grin with pride? What does your family say about you when they take out bragging rights? What feeds your PASSIONS?

2. Break it up; no breaking down! Don't make the mistake of believing you can win a race on the first trip around the track. Focus with a clear head and pay close attention to details and take your journey one lap at a time. Even babies know they have to crawl before they walkyou must recognize that inch by inch your race will be a cinch!

3. Learn from your past failures! Even though you feel invincible when you turn the key on your newest project, the fact of the matter is that you may need to consider the junk in your trunk that did not work as well as you would like. Remember how embarrassed you felt when your science project in Middle School went awry? How about that blind date with the girl who had funny hair? Also, it behooves you to keep in mind the test you only THOUGHT youd aced in college! You probably dont wish to think about it but remembering past failures keeps you focused on WINNING NOW!

4. Tweak things! Even the finest engines suffer mechanical failures. New tires can cause blowouts. If the needle on the oil indicator jiggles, take the time to assess the situation and retool whatever needs to be changed. It may save you a great deal of time before you reach the finish line.

5. Believe! You know for sure that if you can BELIEVE the results you crave then you will SEE those results. All great sports psychology gurus teach that you must VISUALIZE the results you want. Documentation of visualizing winning results for desired outcomes are legendary. In your minds eye, SEE that checkered flag waving at YOUR finish line! BELIEVE you can garner first prize on YOUR fast track to success!

Staying motivated is as easy as these five steps! Claim the success you visualize for your very OWN! Just imagine how good it will feel to drive that victory lap and carry home YOUR super sized winners trophy!

Martha Giffen is an entrepreneur who uses her expertise to encourage and motivate others to achieve success. She holds B.A. and J.D. degrees and is the founder of Best Kind Marketing. Martha is a popular blogger, article writer, and is the creator of www.ThinkAndMotivate.com.

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