Things To Consider When Buying Netbook Computers

Mobility is the name of the game these days. With the hectic schedules of people these days, it's important that their computer systems don't just gather dust at home. They must also be portable and, most of all, can perform a lot of functions, including connecting to the Internet. Fortunately, you have netbook computers.

The Differences between Laptops and Netbooks

Before you discover how you can start choosing the best netbook model, you must know first its difference with laptops. Though both are called portable computers, they are completely different. Laptops are definitely much bigger than netbooks, which may only sized between 7 and 12 inches. They may even resemble like your own diaries. Because of their size, mini notebooks are also lightweight. Some of them can be carried in normal bags, preventing you from spending more on laptop carriers.

They may also differ in terms of power. Laptops make use of more powerful processors, allowing them to perform different functions simultaneously without slowing down. Moreover, they include other storage devices such as DVD player or writer, as well as USB ports.

Mini notebooks, to conserve space, usually don't have these inclusions. Nevertheless, they are still capable of working as fast as laptops.

How to Buy One

When you're purchasing a netbook, your first consideration should be its weight and size. If you have bigger fingers or you need a much bigger monitor, then you must never go below 10 inches for your screen. This way, you would still be able to see and work your way through the programs. Furthermore, make sure that the netbook is lightweight. You can find one that only weighs not more than 5 pounds, so you can conveniently carry it with you anywhere you go.

You also have to think about your operating system. Most netbooks run on Linux, while laptops can work well with Windows. Nevertheless, today, it's possible for you to get mini notebooks that run on Linux but can be remodified to function on Windows. This is so you can utilize your Office tools such as Word and Excel properly. If you are going to install plenty of programs into your netbook, check the memory. It must have at least 1GB worth of RAM with a speed of 1.6 GHz.

Netbooks with USB ports are excellent. This is because you can attach media devices that are not included in your equipment. For instance, if you need additional storage, you can just purchase an external drive and transfer files through USB connection.

Of course, you have to ensure that your netbooks are capable of connecting to the Internet wirelessly. This means that the equipment can pick up Wifi signals with no trouble at all. Furthermore, it should boast of good Internet speed to avoid experiencing lag time. If you're planning to connect the netbook through local area network (LAN), see to it that it has Ethernet port.

Netbooks are cheap. They would usually cost not more than $300, making them more accessible and affordable even for those who don't have work yet. What's more, there are so many models that you can surely find one that suit your needs.

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