Save Another Life With Organ Donation

These days, there are already hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world who are waiting for an organ donation. If they are not able to obtain what they need on time, these patients would never last for a couple more years and live to see their grandchildren. They would also never attain quality of life while they are alive.

This is why organ donation is highly important. You are not only going to prolong a person's life but you can also save it. You will allow the patient to have more time with his or her family and friends, as well as fulfill more of his or her dreams.

What Organs Can Be Donated?

There are different types of organs that can be given to another person. The most common are the cornea of the eyes, skin, and internal organs such as the heart, kidney, lungs, and liver.

A lot of people think that they have to die first before they can donate. This isn't true. Some organs, such as the kidneys, can be given away, and still be able to function as normally as possible. Obviously, you can only give one of your kidneys to another person.

Who Can Make the Donation?

Everyone is eligible to donate certain portions of their bodies to others. You may cite which ones you'd like to give away, or you can just tell organizations to consider all body parts as your donations. In fact, even a minor can be a donor, provided that he or she has the permission of his or her parents and guardians. If you are 18 years old or above, you can sign a donor card. You can let your loved ones keep it or perhaps place it on your wallet or pocket anywhere you go.

Why the Shortage of Donations?

There are two known reasons why there are still a lot of patients who are not able to obtain the organs that they need for transplantation. It could be that there is shortage of donors. Those who are on near death or have listed themselves first would be given priorities, yet donations seldom come by.

It's also possible that the patient and the donor don't match. For instance, if you're trying to avail of a heart donation, you have to have the same weight and body type as the donor. If you are looking for a blood or bone marrow donor, it's essential that you have the same blood or bone marrow type.

Where to Register for Organ Donation

If you like to donate your organs in the future, you should find out how to register yourself. In Britain, you can find out more at the NHS Organ Donor Register. This is a database that can only be accessed by authorized personnel and contains all names of people who would like to give away their bodies for people in need once they die. In Canada, you need to contact your provincial or territorial ministries of health. In the US, you can find out more about organ donation at the United Network for Organ Sharing.

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