The Best Goal Setting For Personal Success Needs to Be Flexible

By Holly Stonebrook

The personal success of an individual is dependent upon the goals that are set and the achievement of those goals. When goal setting in any part of our lives, we often tend to set goals that are way out of reach in a small time period and thus lose interest before the goal can be reached. Personal success from goal setting needs to be centered on goal setting with small time lines and very surmountable moments of success. This will keep the mind moving toward the ultimate larger goal, setting the person up for the best possible chance for success.

The most important aspects of personal goal setting for success are the goals themselves. Here are a few tips on how to set the goals for your personal self.

Large goal, small steps. The realistic nature of small goals makes the personal goal setting more apt for success. When we aim huge, we set ourselves up for failure. For instance, if we want lose weight and 100 lbs is our end goal, the smaller goals setting steps along the way may be in 10 lb increments. This way, every time those small goals are reached, the end goal becomes more near and we see that as a reality and not as a distant dream.

Reward yourself often. Along the same lines as setting small personal success goals is rewarding yourself for those goals. On the same topic of weight loss, every time you lose those ten pounds, give something back to you! This is the purpose of goal setting for success. Reaching the goals means patting yourself on the back and preparing for the next goal. Try rewarding yourself with something totally unrelated to the goal. Weight loss, for instance, should not be rewarded with beauty regimes. But something more tangible, like a stone in the garden or a new picture on the wall.

Take the help you need. Pride in goal setting is often the hamper to our success. When we need help achieving our goals, there are often many people around us willing to give that help, but the prideful creatures we are, we aim at accomplishing that goal setting success all by ourselves. A goal that is reached, is a success no matter if you have help or not!

Be ready to revise. Life comes at you quick and with life comes the chance of a roller coaster ride. We need to revise our methods of goal setting at every turn in the road if that is what is needed to make the success real. Achievement and success is not measured by the goal, but by the ability to continue moving forward despite the troubles and hindrances to our goal setting life may create.

Don't fret the missed goals. Not every goal will be met and that is just the way it should be. If goal setting always ended in success, there would be no need to do anything else in life except set goals. There will be ups and down along the path and goal setting simply allows you to stay focused on the bigger picture of overall success, even if there are stumbles.

Life is all about time and goal setting. We have certain things we want to do with our time on earth and those things require a bit of success planning to achieve. Goal setting allows us to take our lives one step at a time and make that journey, once thought impossible, in baby steps. Every penny or step counts along that path and eventually they all add up to success thanks to goal setting.

Use our insider tips and learn how you can create a better goal setting skills to build the life you deserve. Success is a choice. Choose to achieve your dreams and create a better life right now.

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