Gift Ideas for Your Poker Pal

By Matthew Sagehouse

Trying to decide on a gift for loved ones or friends can sometimes be a challenge. Assuming the person you need a gift for is a poker player, we intend to help with some ideas. Now it does not matter whether you player is a novice, enthusiast, semi -pro, or actually makes a living at this fun and frustrating game. You can still find a gift that he or she will appreciate.

Do you know the person well or is it just a family friend or relative that you don't see very often. These factors will obviously affect how much you want to spend, so we will cover several different types of poker related gifts. Many of these will be economical and some categories will range from economical to ridiculously expensive. Hopefully you will be armed with some great ideas at the end.

With a plethora of gifts available at the low end of the spectrum, you will want to at least try to get a good value for your money. An excellent and unique gift is a card guard. If you know the person at all you can attempt to somewhat personalized this item, due to the variety of card guards on the market. They range from 3 dimensional characters with goofy faces to very well designed brass coins with typical poker hands and jargon included. Price range for these items is $15 to $35 with most falling in the $15 range.

Don't forget one of the basics of any live card game. Playing cards have come in many varieties over the years, but the latest trend is the 100% PVC route of plastic playing cards. Initially it sounds a little weird, but once you handle a quality deck of these cards and see how long they last, you will be a believer. Oddly enough, plastic playing cards have been around at least 50 years, however their notoriety has increased in recent years along with the rise in popularity of Texas Hold'em. Two brands that you can't go wrong with are Kem and Copag.

Moving up the scale of gifts, we must dive into the poker chip set. The different poker chip designs along with the variety of chip case and chip weight varieties make for a list of poker chip set options as varied as the many poker players at a large tournament. If you want to keep it basic and simple, you can't go wrong with the industry standard 11.5 gram chips, the most popular being the striped dice style (500 pc set around $40). In stark contrast, you can go completely to zealot status with a set of 10 gram clay casino style poker chips by Paulson (500 pc set around $600).

Say your poker guy already has a great setup and you are looking for something to enhance his home games or tournaments. You may want to consider some poker software or a tournament clock to help mange and organize the games. One of the best products on the market for this is the Poker Genie. The Genie handles everything from chip distribution to tournament length.

If the event caught you off guard, you may need to express ship. For this dilemma, try a unique card guard or a Poker Genie tournament manager.

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