Self-esteem: Significance In Our Lives

Self-esteem is how one looks at oneself. High self-esteem is a good opinion of oneself while low self-esteem means a negative perception of oneself. Factors such as your current job, past achievement in life, talents, social status, and relationships may affect one's self-esteem.

Success or Failure

It is important to have a high self-esteem since this can affect one's thinking. It will also affect how one acts and relates to other people. Having low self-esteem means poor confidence. This then can cause negative thoughts, which will eventually result to you giving up easily on life. Rather than facing challenges, you are afraid to take risks.

With low self-esteem, you would also find it hard to socialize. This would, in turn, result to fewer friends and contacts. These people may have recommended you to a better job, may be your wife or husband, or a future business partner. Others may even find people with low self- esteem as weird, freaks, or boring.

Depression, unhappiness, low confidence, and insecurity may also result from low self-esteem. Inner criticism or that nagging voice of negativity inside a person with low esteem may cause him or her to fail at every challenge; worse, even the simplest test may feel very impossible to get over with.

High Self-esteem

A high self-esteem is very desirable. The stronger you feel of yourself, the more you can help others. One should never feel guilty of having a high self-esteem since through this, you become more capable of being of service.

There is a big difference between a person with high self-esteem and those that are simply egotistical. Egoists, after saying good words about themselves, still feel small afterward and are always threatened by people whom they think are criticizing them. People with high self- esteem are the opposite. They are not threatened by other people's criticisms, they accept them gracefully, and they can even laugh at their own mistakes.

Be an Optimist

In building self-esteem, it is better to think of things that made you feel good at the end of the day. Helping an old lady cross the road, sharing a table to a co-worker, and resisting a couple of drinks after work are just some of the simple things that might increase your self- esteem. Moreover, perhaps you received a thank-you note or a compliment from a stranger or family member today. Count your blessings and be grateful for them.

Aside from appreciation, learn to accept things as what they are. So what if you are stuck in a traffic jam? It will give you time to review last week's report. So you are having a bad hair day? Some people are balding. These things may not be necessarily what you are expecting, but learning to accept them will help you relax and accept yourself in the process.

A positive attitude will greatly help you in building one's esteem. Your thoughts become your words, and these words, in turn, become your actions. You may blame your parents, childhood experiences, or the government; but the truth is, you are still responsible for what you are today.

Seek and Learn

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