Shy Guy Dating Tips

By David Edwards

There are a lot of guys out there that struggle with dating everyday because they are shy. Most of the guys out there don't understand there are several things that you can do to help you drop being shy, and come out and date.

Being shy can actually be a good trait since you spend more time listening then talking, which most women enjoy. So if you are a shy guy, try using this to your advantage.

Making sure that you are quiet enough to listen, but not quiet enough to care is a fine line that you have to draw. Some women believe that when you are to quiet you don't have any interest in what they are talking about. So try to listen, but don't be to quiet.

Awkward silence can destroy a date so you have to be sure that you keep the conversation going at least to rid the silence. Making sure that you talk at appropriate times and in the correct way can help the conversation along but limit what you have to say.

If you have a hard time talking to women, you can keep yourself informed on the latest current events. This is a great way to strike up a conversation and seem interesting.

Let a woman tell you about some particular things going on so that you do not seem like a no it all. Understand that it's really not possible to know everything that is going on all the time in current events. So do the best you can and stay away from topics you don't know much about.

Pushing yourself outside of your limits a bit is not a bad thing. Doing this sometimes can help you become less shy and more confident. However, there is a big difference between going outside of the box, and acting like someone your not. You have glaring hole being stared right through you when you do this.

Dating is a fun and exciting thing in most everyone's life. Don't miss out on it because you are to shy and afraid to talk to women. All you have to do is take some things into consideration before approaching a woman so that it makes the experience easier and much more enjoyable.

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