How To Deal With Being Shy

Kim Masters

Everyone is shy and anxious at one point or another. Sometimes it is butterflies in your stomach when you enter a room full of strangers, or when it's your turn to give a speech. More than 50% of people have a fear of public speaking. Social anxiety can be an occasional case of jitters, up to a disabling disorder than can cause havoc to your entire life.

You can greatly improve your quality of life by curing your fears. Anxiety is your automatic response to perceived danger. Your body will release stress hormones, resulting in an increased heart pace, flushing of your face, sweaty palms and your muscles to contract, leaving you with a queasy feeling in your stomach.

Most people with social anxiety will just try to avoid social situations. They will deny the fact that they are shy, and just say that they don't like parties, or don't like making presentations, when the real fact is that they are shy.

The more you avoid social situations, the more the fears become ingrained in you. Avoiding these situations is the opposite of what you should be doing. To rid yourself of these fears, you should confront them head on.

There are two main reasons why people have social anxiety. They are the fear of embarrassment and being judged. They are afraid of saying something embarrassing or other people thinking that they are stupid or foolish. So how can you overcome your shyness?

Start by taking small steps. You don't have to try to be the life of the party, just make it a goal to attend and take it slow by talking to one or two people. Give yourself a pat on the back once you have achieved your goal. The more of these little steps you take, the faster the fear will go away.

You also need to channel your negative thoughts to become positive ones. Don't keep thinking that the worst will happen in any situation. Rehearse and visualize situations that make you nervous. Play it out in your mind ahead of time, and seeing positive results makes it easier once you are actually in the situation.

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