The Benefits of Overcoming Shyness

Being shy at times may be normal for some people, but being shy all the time is a different story. Human interaction is needed for us to survive. We need it to get a job, enroll in college, or just even buy some food to a nearby convenience store. Extremely shy people find it hard to do these things that people normally do.

Understanding Shyness

Shyness is usually rooted in an irrational fear of speaking up since the person may be just humiliated or ignored. It is usually driven by insecurity and oversensitivity. For some shy people, they associate speaking up with pain and embarrassment, and they will do everything to avoid it.

Being shy will definitely not get you anywhere. It is a roadblock to that destination called success. Facing the problem and building one's confidence are very important in overcoming shyness.

For people who are afraid of speaking up, this attitude may result from bad experiences at an early age. An adult may have shouted or reacted negatively at you when you were in fifth grade. However, one should think that the person may have exaggerated the whole thing. The anger was not focused at you but on the feeling itself by the person. It just so happened that you were there. It is important to let go of bad experiences. Do not dwell on the negative side; instead, try to focus on the positive. Bad experiences were a thing of the past. Move forward and try to look at things in a different angle.

Make a Move

Don't take other people's negative reactions at face value. What is it that may have put them in such mood? Are they disappointed of their own inadequacy? The emotion may be very harsh, but try to check if it is really directed at you. Don't let one bad experience ruin your life and dictate your opinion on other people. Most people are friendly and interested in interacting with others. You might be surprised to know that some will be very happy that you took the initiative to start a conversation.

Share It to the World

Self-worth is also very important in overcoming shyness. All of us can contribute something, may it be an idea or time. One's brilliant insights are not of value until you decide to share them to the world. Start to practice speaking up. Sit in front of the class and make yourself visible. Be noticed and contribute. Once you are used to it, it will just come out naturally.

By overcoming shyness, you are not only helping yourself but also your society. When you have this thought or idea that may help other people, you can now be able to speak up. Once you do, you get to help others learn from you, and you become selfless. It's like being selfish in a passive manner.

Moreover, you are creating opportunities to form meaningful relationships like finding a best friend. You can also be easily recognized by those who could have never felt or seen you for a long time, such as your own boss.

Seek and Learn

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