Christian Social Networking for Children

When the kids take over the computer and start surfing the web, what kind of sites are they visiting? Are they safe? Do they reflect the values that you're trying to instill into your children? Many kids nowadays are flocking to social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and Friendster. These sites have become very popular, and they have millions of people visiting them everyday. Unfortunately, there are bad people circulating on the web -- people you want to keep away from your children. Yet, you can't tell your kids not to visit social networking sites. Are there safer alternatives? Yes there are.

If you're Christian, and you're trying to raise your kids as Christians too, you should try and direct them to Christian networking sites. Many have the same features as Facebook and the others -- blogging, friends lists, photos and videos as well as a description of who they are and what their likes and dislikes are. Friends can still find your kids on these Christian social networking sites, but, because they tend to be smaller and more obscure, they are much less likely to attract predators and other evil-doers.

Christian social networking sites tend to have visitors with the same mind-set and values that you yourself have. Because of this, it is less likely for there to be arguments over religion and values. Contents are much more likely to reflect the ideals and beliefs that you have. By having your children frequent these sites instead of the mainstream social networking sites, you can help immerse your kids in the values that you want them to adopt as their own. With them having a source of peers who are Christian, you can shield them from the peer pressure that might push your kids into ideas and beliefs that might be dangerous or upsetting.

We all know that growing up is hard -- there are so many influences pushing and pulling you in so many directions at the same time. With the advent of the Internet and social networking sites, the number and intensity of these influences and pressures on our children has grown dramatically. Substituting social networking sites that reflect your values and beliefs, such as Christian sites, may make the growing-up process much less difficult for your child. By doing so, you don't deprive your child any fun -- he or she is still networking with other children -- yet you shield them from the bad people and bad influences that are everpresent nowadays.

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