Overcoming stuttering

Stuttering is not a disease -- it is a disorder. The causes of stuttering are still unknown, but it is treatable. Many famous people in the world have been stutterers, often times well before they ever achieved notoriety. They were able to overcome their stuttering, and you can too. The question is how?

No one can do what is necessary for you. This is something you are going to have to do yourself and you have to have the persistence necessary to do whatever it takes to improve your speech abilities. This may include getting professional help, or trying various techniques in order to find the one that works.

The professional you need to see is a speech language pathologist. A speech language pathologist has the experience to deal with a disorder like stuttering. When you go looking for one, it is important to make sure he has a certificate from ASHA or American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. After he has assessed your condition, he will be able to recommend the right treatment.

Remember to not let your fear take control, or you won't achieve any progress using the various techniques suggested by the specialist. Keep in mind that you're striving to better yourself, and your prospects.

While you are undergoing the treatment, you should be able to limit your stuttering. If you find that you have to talk slowly, go ahead because it is much better than repeating a letter or word several times which others may find annoying. There will be times when the fear is too great to control. If this happens, don't let it bother you. Just believe that you'll be able to control it much better next time.

Actions speak louder than words -- especially when you have a stuttering problem. If a certain therapy does not work, tell your doctor about it so something new can be attempted. Role play is usually quite effective in this case so make sure you practice some scenarios in order to make sure that you are comfortable with it when it's time to try it for real.

In order to control your stuttering, you need to be patient. Remember, the problem will not go away overnight. Progress will be determined by the amount of effort you put in, and how long you keep trying. Your determination or motivation should not be to impress others but to improve who you are. Don't let setbacks defeat you. Instead use them as motivation to try even harder.

We are not perfect and all of us have faults and shortcomings. Either we continue to feel sorry for ourselves or we can try overcome any shortcomings or problems that what we have. Don't let your problem get you down. Instead, believe that with genuine effort on your part, that you will overcome your stuttering problem.

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