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Do you know that there are still millions of people who would buy shades every year? This is because sunglasses can stand for a lot of things. The wearer may simply want protection against the light of the sun. Others would like to make a fashion statement. Because of the demand, there are also different types of shades that you can buy these days. One of them is known as the mirrored sunglasses.

What are these sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses are those that contain flash coating. This is placed outside of each of the lenses to make sure that a good portion of the light doesn't pass through them. In fact, it can reduce the frequency of the light to as much as 60 percent.

This is completely different from polarized sunglasses, though both types make use of certain kind of coating. Polarized glasses use special coating to prevent the lenses from peeling. This will also ensure that around 100 percent of the polarized light would be block, minimizing the glare or eye strain. This normally happens when you have to squint your eyes just to see clearly. Moreover, the coating is found in between two lenses that are joined together to form one lens.

What are the benefits of mirrored sunglasses?

There are three good reasons why people are buying these sunglasses. First, they are perfect for good vision. If you want to avoid uninterrupted vision or if you want to get rid of obstruction such as light, this is the one that you need to use.

Second, since the mirrors are tinted, you can prevent eye contact--if you don't like it. You can also prevent other people from looking straight into your eyes. This is also the reason why they are sometimes called cop shades. They are worn by people in authority to clear out obstructions as well as to function as their own one-way mirrors.

Third, you have plenty of varieties to choose from. It is not impossible to find mirrored sunglasses with green, brown, or yellow lenses. This is because the color doesn't have any effect on your vision or the effectiveness of the sunglasses. The amount of light the sunglasses can block will depend on the structure and thickness of the coating that has been applied.

How do you pick the right glasses?

There are several brands and kinds of mirrored sunglasses that are being currently sold. Thus, it's normal for you to be overwhelmed and not be able to pick the most ideal one for yourself or for somebody else.

When you're choosing mirrored sunglasses, it would be best to pick those that have wire frames. This makes the glasses lightweight, so you can't feel any head strain. Nevertheless, make sure that the frame itself is made of durable material. You don't want it to snap so easily. Others use carbonic lens to make the glasses more resistant to sudden impacts. You can also buy wraparound mirrored sunglasses if you don't like to fix your glasses all the time, as well as to give yourself complete peripheral vision.

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